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Mexico's national bird: caracara means more than 'face face' Maggie Van Ostrand

Its an oddity that most people I've asked don't know the National Bird of Mexico, especially considering that everyone seems to know that the eagle is the US National Bird. Do you know what Mexico's National Bird is? I only found out yesterday. Mexico's National Bird is the crested caracara, a mix between an eagle and a vulture or buzzard, and cousin to the falcon. read more

Did You Know? Quetzal Dancers in Puebla, Mexico Tony Burton

    The Quetzal Dance is one of the most colorful folkloric dances anywhere in the country. It is also thought to be one of the most ancient. Both the dance and the spectacular headdresses worn b... read more

Did You Know? Some national symbols in Mexico are not what they seem Tony Burton

  This month, Mexico celebrates her birthday, the anniversary of her independence from Spain. On the evening of September 15, the annual El Grito ceremony is held in town plazas all across the cou... read more

Arteplumaria - the Mexican art of feather painting Teresa Kendrick

Did you know that one of the highest, most elegant and sumptuous arts of pre-Conquest Mexico was arteplumaria, the art of feather painting? Used to decorate headdresses, standards, staffs, lances,... read more

The foundational bull ranches Jock Richardson

It has always seemed appropriate to me that the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, in their monograph Geografia Espanola del Toro de Lidia, uses the valleys of the major rivers of Spain to structure thei... read more
Showing 1—5 of 5 results
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