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July 24 is National Tequila Day: A tequila resource page

Statue in Tequila

Present in the popular margarita, tequila can stand alone as a fine liquor. The popular traditional drink boasts an appellation or denomination of origin. Distilled from the nectar of the Weber blue agave the tequila dates from the 16th century. It may have originated in the Mexican town of Amatitan, Jalisco, where a pre-Hispanic distillery has been discovered in El Tecuane Canyon. MexConnect invites you to celebrate by getting to know this quintessentially Mexican drink — Mexico's gift to the world.

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Top 5 tequila drinks Daniel Wheeler

Think tequila, and many think of spring break and tequila shots, followed by who knows what?

But precursors of this quintessentially Mexican drink considered a gift from the gods.

Tequila has to do with its real roots, with the land it comes from and the lifestyle surrounding it. Here are my top five tequila drinks. read more

Did you know? Some tequila is priced at $225,000 Tony Burton

tequila stills
I know what you're thinking: "Tequila prices have been rising for years, but 225,000 dollars for a bottle is ridiculous!"

It may be ridiculous, but it is nonetheless true. The tequila company Tequila Ley .925 issued a press release in July 2006 proudly announcing the introduction of three different presentations of "Tequila Ley .925, Pasion Azteca, Gold and Platinum."

The tequila itself is exclusive, a premium quality 100% blue agave tequila, aged for 6 years. The bottles it comes in are even more special. The company has won several awards previously for its unorthodox designs. This time, each bottle is shaped like a barbed sea shell and engraved by Mexican artist Alejandro Gomez Oropeza. read more

Miel de maguey: an ancient Mexican sweetener brings hope to modern villagers Karen Hursh Graber

Reading the recent Mexconnect article Tears of the maguey: Is pulque really a dying tradition? brought me to the realization that here in Cholula, many of the pulquerías (pulque bars) have slowly and ... read more

Tears of the maguey: Is pulque really a dying tradition? Julia Taylor

If pulque can create such positive results in all of our daily lives, why is it in danger of extinction? What happened to pulque? It appears to be the victim... read more

Classic and refreshing: Mexico's margarita tequila cocktail Daniel Wheeler

Ingredients for the classic margarita include tequila, Cointreau, the juice of fresh limes (limones) and bar syrup, a sugar and water mixture. Salt adorns the rim of the glass.<br>
© Daniel Wheeler, 2010
When you think of Mexico and its hot summer days, think of a cool, and flavorful cocktail with the national drink, tequila. This drink has basic three basic ingredients: tequila, triple sec, and lemon or key lime juice. read more

Strawberry margarita sorbet: Sorbet de coctel margarita con fresas Karen Hursh Graber

A drink and dessert in one, this is perfect for informal summer entertaining. It is attractive scooped into margarita glasses and garnished with sprigs of mint or paper thin slices of lime. read more

Did you know? Diamonds from tequila Tony Burton

..."there's gold in them there hills, and diamonds in that there tequila"... Barrels of tequila© Sergio Wheeler, 2011 I know! You think I'm several sheets to the wind from too many shots of tequ... read more

Did You Know? Tequila dates from the sixteenth century Tony Burton

In 1897, Carl Lumholtz, the famous Norwegian ethnologist, who spent several years living with remote Indian tribes in Mexico, found that the Huichol Indians in eastern Nayarti distilled agave juice usi... read more

A connoisseur's guide to mezcal Alvin Starkman

Have a taste whenever the opportunity arises, and of whatever is being offered, if only enough to discern differences and develop a palate. read more

Cheese Fondue with Tequila: Fondeu de Queso al Tequila Ana María Flores Sánchez

Ingredients: 1 large round of garlic bread (shepherds bread may be substituted) 1 tsp. butter 150 grs. (2/3 C.) crumbled roquefort cheese 190 grs. (7 oz.) cream cheese, cubed ... read more

Mescal Timothy J. Knab

Mescal, mescaline, mescal bean, mescal button; what are they? They are all intoxicants, which was what the word mescal meant in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Today mescal generally refers to... read more

Just one and I have to go: The joys of pulque Justin Dash

  I always like a glass of good pulque and my friend Pedro had some of the best. Once allowed only to Aztec nobles and priests, pulque is produced by cutting out the center of a Maguey cactus an... read more

Citrus-tequila cocktail: Mexicana Karen Hursh Graber

Refreshing as a dip in the Carribbean, this is a nice change from the popular spring and summer tequila-orange juice combination. Serve it in a tall, frosted glass, with your choice of garnish- a lime ... read more

Cooking with tequila: Mexico's national drink moves into the kitchen - Part Two Karen Hursh Graber

Last month the history, distillation process, and some culinary uses of tequila were discussed in this column. A trip to the Mexican town of Tequila inspired further investigation of the beverage's rol... read more

Mango-tequila ice: Nieve de mango con tequila Karen Hursh Graber

During the warm months in Mexico, a variety of tropical fruit-flavored ices are sold by vendors with pushcarts, usually stationed in the parks and in front of schools. In the zócalo - main squa... read more

A sweet tequila cocktail: Toreador Karen Hursh Graber

This chocolate-y concoction is Mexico's answer to the Brandy Alexander. Creamy and just a bit sweet, it makes a nice special-occasion drink. Any tequila may be used, although blanco (white) is preferab... read more

Cooking with tequila: Mexico's national drink moves into the kitchen - Part One Karen Hursh Graber

Part 2 Tequila: the name alone conjures up a variety of images associated with the Mexican cultural landscape. From its beginnings in the blue agave fields of Jalisco, to its consumption in h... read more

So, you want to try tequila? Luis Dumois

"Oh, I don't know how Mexicans can drink something as strong as tequila!" I've heard that remark many times, a statement not entirely in line with what is happening nowadays with our national beverage... read more
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