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The food of Easter in Mexico: a seasonal celebration of popular cuisine Karen Hursh Graber

A myriad of fresh fruit will become juices and agua fresca, a refreshing drink populare throughout Mexico.
© Christina Stobbs, 2011
Semana Santa — Holy Week — is the observance of a solemn religious occasion. But the mood in most of Mexico during Easter time is far from solemn. With the exception of the Good Friday passion plays and processions, the atmosphere is festive, with people taking to the streets and beaches to celebrate spring and rebirth. read more

May in Mexico: A month of holiday food Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican salpicon de pollo © Karen Hursh Graber, 2014
Look on any Mexican calendar for the month of May, and you will see a lineup of holidays, including federal and civic observations, as well as religious and non-religious festivities. Nearly all of these are celebrated with parties, parades, performances, festive meals, or a combination of these.

A holiday in Mexico rarely passes without food and drink, and some of my best sensory memories are of the fiestas during this month... read more

Dining at the lucha libre: An unlikely seafood feast Karen Hursh Graber

Mexico. After many years in the country, my husband and I had bought countless wrestling dolls, wrestling masks, wrestling themed tee shirts, purses and refrigerator magnets for eager friends and family members up north, not all of them children. We'd even gone to see Nacho Libre, the Jack Black movie about a Mexican luchador filmed in the Central Valley region of Oaxaca. But, somehow, we'd never gone to see lucha libre, despite the fact that Puebla, just a few miles away, has one of the most important venues and passionately dedicated aficionados. read more

Calendar of Mexican food festivals Karen Hursh Graber

Possibly no other country in the world has as many festivals, fairs and feast days as Mexico. National holidays, religious holidays and people's santos (saints' days) are all celebrated with gus... read more

Sweet tamales: Tamales dulces Karen Hursh Graber

Sweet tamales, wrapped in corn husks and piled on platters, are a traditional treat at children's birthday parties, christenings and First Communions, as well as at the Christmas posadas. On Cand... read more

Making merry in May: Mexico's National Cheese and Wine Festival Karen Hursh Graber

To the north and west of Mexico City lies the region known as El Bajío, often called "Mexico's breadbasket." This rugged, high plateau bears a distinct resemblance to central Spain, home of its origin... read more

October in Actopan: Mexico's National Mole Festival Karen Hursh Graber

One of the most popular of Mexico's many fairs and festivals is the Festival del Mole, the National Mole Fair, held each October in the village of San Pedro Actópan, in the Milpa Alta delegation of th... read more

April in Aguascalientes: Food and drink at Mexico's national fair Karen Hursh Graber

April is a warm month in Mexico and, while some people choose to spend time at the beach, many others prefer to stroll the streets of the beautiful colonial cities. One of the most architecturally imp... read more

Did You Know? Vanilla Festival in Papantla, Veracruz Tony Burton

The Vanilla Festival is held in early summer every year in Papantla, Veracruz. The origins of the festival pre-date the Spanish conquest. Its timing is now tied to the Catholic celebration of the Feast... read more

A Mexican pig party Jenny McGill

A Mexican pig party plus my recipe for Mexicanized Mexissippi style crackling cornbread read more

Mexican holiday sweets: cookies, candy and more Karen Hursh Graber

December has been a celebratory month in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times, when the winter solstice, one of the two most important holidays of the year (the other being the spring solstice) was celebrat... read more

A Mother's Day breakfast, Mexican style: Día de las Madres Karen Hursh Graber

Here in Mexico, the month of May brings many holidays: Workers' Day (3rd), Cinco de Mayo (5th), Teachers' Day (15th), and the day set aside to honor Mamá, Mother's Day, always cele... read more

Mexican Wedding Feasts: La Comida de la Boda Karen Hursh Graber

June is a month of family celebrations; in México as well as north of the border, weddings, graduations and Father's Day are all prominent June occasions. This month, I happily recall a couple of the ... read more

Three kings sweet bread: Rosca de reyes Karen Hursh Graber

Rosca is the name given to any ring-shaped bread or cookie. This sweet bread was once used by the friars to evangelize: a small doll, representing the Christ child, is baked right in the bread- "hidden", to symbolize the hiding of the infant from King Herod's troops on the day of Los Santos Inocentes, the Holy Innocents. This treat is traditionally served on the festive Three Kings Day, when the children receive their toys. Whoever gets the slice of rosca with the doll in it has to provide the tamales and atole for the next party, on Candlemas. read more

The cuisine of Tlaxcala: food and tradition in central Mexico Karen Hursh Graber

Tiny Tlaxcala may be Mexico's smallest state but it is one of the most quintessentially Mexican in its traditions, especially in the realm of cuisine. The same artistic flair with which the people of t... read more
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