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Calabaza con Rajas: Pumpkin with Roasted Poblano Chiles Karen Hursh Graber

Nothing says autumn like pumpkins, and this dish, with the smoky flavor of roasted poblano chiles, captures the colors of turning leaves. Serve it, along with rice and salad, as a vegetarian main dish, or a side dish with grilled or roasted meat or poultry. read more

Artichoke, poblano chile and onion gratin: Alcachofas gratinadas con chile poblano y cebolla Karen Hursh Graber

Fresh or frozen artichoke hearts are good sautéed, and even better with poblano chiles and green onions. This is a tasty side dish with a simple main, such as chicken cutlets. Ingredients: 2... read more

Mexican chorizo and rice-stuffed artichokes: Alcachofas rellenas de chorizo y arroz Karen Hursh Graber

Cooking and draining the chorizo separately before mixing with the rice cuts down considerably on fat, and adding vegetables ups both fiber and flavor. Feel free to add other vegetables you have on ... read more

Mexican steamed carrots with vanilla: Zanahorias al vapor con vainilla Karen Hursh Graber

Among the most charming presentations of any vegetable, these herb-wrapped bundles of baby carrots are a specialty of Cuetzalan and the surrounding mountain towns. Served by the locals, the carrots are... read more

Mexican rice with aromatic spices: Arroz con especias aromáticas Karen Hursh Graber

A couple of teaspoons of aromatic spices do wonders to perk up plain white rice. So do the Mexican techniques of frying the rice first, and using broth instead of water. Cumin and coriander work well t... read more

Yucatan style chaya empanadas: Empanadas de chaya Karen Hursh Graber

Here the chaya, a leafy green used throughout the Yucatan, is incorporated right into the corn dough, a common technique in this region. The chopped hard boiled egg filling is complemented by the chile... read more

Mexican mini chicken chipotle empanadas: Mexican empanaditas de pollo con chipotle Karen Hursh Graber

Chipotle chiles give these chicken empanadas a characteristic taste of Central Mexico. I've made these as Mexican mini empanadas (empanaditas) for a party buffet, and recommend chopping everything very... read more

David Sterling's sautéed chaya with smoked bacon: Chayas fritas / Tsajbil chaay Karen Hursh Graber

Chronicler Diego de Landa mentioned chaya in 1566, when he observed that the leaves were especially delicious when cooked with plenty of bacon. What isn't? Chayas fritas is an excellent side dish; it a... read more

Mexican red rice: Arroz rojo Karen Hursh Graber

Red rice is a popular side dish with beef, pork and chicken, while seafood is usually accompanied by white rice. However, there is no hard and fast rule. The secret to the color and flavor of Mexican a... read more

Mexican mini chicken tortas: Tortitas de pollo Karen Hursh Graber

Miniature torta rolls or any small water rolls work well for these mini chicken tortas. Refried beans, tomatoes and avocados are always found on tortas, but either ham or Oaxaca cheese is an easy subst... read more

Mexican pickled cauliflower: Coliflor en escabeche Karen Hursh Graber

The combination of the battering technique and the Baja Style Cabbage Slaw makes a copycat Mexican fish taco. Be sure to drizzle the roasted cauliflower tacos with the avocado sauce (below). Ingredien... read more

Mexican cauliflower rice: Arroz de coliflor Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican cauliflower 'rice' is a clever way to cut down on carbs from white rice, and it is amazing how much the "grains" produced by grating cauliflower resemble grains of rice. Ingredients 1 h... read more

Cauliflower with Mexican poblano cream sauce: Coliflor poblano Karen Hursh Graber

Cauliflower with poblano cream sauce was easy to cook, making thick slices of cauliflower work like chicken breast halves in a poblano chile and chicken dish. I used my own tried and true chicken recip... read more

Mexican cheese fondue with chorizo and beer: Queso fundido con chorizo y cerveza Karen Hursh Graber

This Mexican cheese fondue with chorizo and beer is a beer-laced take on fundido toluqueño, the melted cheese dish named for Toluca, a city known for its excellent chorizo. I remember sitting on the c... read more

Drunken Mexican beans: Frijoles borrachos Karen Hursh Graber

Drunken Mexican beans: Frijoles borrachos
In this frijoles borrachos recipe, it's the beer in this recipe that gets the beans drunk, and contributes good flavor to a dish that goes perfectly with Northern Mexican grilled beef. read more

Yucatan Style pickled onions: Cebollas encurtidas estilo yucateca Karen Hursh Graber

Both white and purple pickled onions are served as condiments in the Yucatan. The purple variety is generally served with cochinita pibil, and both Yucatan style pickled onions make great additions ... read more

Mexican grilled green onions: Cebollitas a la parilla Karen Hursh Graber

No matter where in the world I am, I can close my eyes and conjure up the aroma of mild green onions emanating from the trucks that pass through Cholula every night on their way to the huge distributio... read more

Mexican sweet and sour beets: Betabel agridulce Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican sweet and sour beets keep well in the refrigerator, and can be served as is for an easy botana, or added to salads. Half orange juice and half lime juice is a fine substitute for the naranja ag... read more

Fresh Mexican salsa and dried shrimp appetizer: Pico de gallo con camaron seco Karen Hursh Graber

A lively accompaniment to margaritas or cold beer, this fresh Mexican salsa and dried shrimp appetizer needs to be made as close as possible to serving time. read more

Oaxaca white beans with dried shrimp: Frijoles blancos con camaron seco Karen Hursh Graber

This recipe for white beans with dried shrimp from the southern Pacific coast of Oaxaca is adapted from Susana Trilling's wonderful regional cookbook, Seasons of My Heart. Use other beans, such as fava... read more

Mexican stuffing for Christmas turkey: Relleno para totol de nochebuena Karen Hursh Graber

Nochebuena is Christmas Eve, and that is when Mexican families sit down to a feast that usually lasts for several hours. This recipe for Mexican stuffing for Christmas turkey is adapted from Alquímias... read more

Mexican filled plantain croquettes: Croquetas de platano rellenos Karen Hursh Graber

Plantains, called plátano macho in Spanish, play an important role in the diet of southern Mexicans. They should not be used in cooking until ripe, at which point they will be nearly black all ov... read more

Crunchy Mexican plantain fritters: Aranitas Karen Hursh Graber

These crunchy plantain fritters, or "little Mexican spiders," made with shredded green plantains, remind me of a crispy version of hash brown potatoes or potato latkes. Be sure to use unripe plantains,... read more

Mexican jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and smoked fish: Jalapeños rellenos con queso crema y pescado ahumado Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and smoked fish are a wonderful botana adapted from Susana Trilling's Oaxaca cookbook, Seasons of My Heart. Just be sure to use the pickled jalapeños and n... read more

Mexican chipotle almonds: Almendras al chipotle Karen Hursh Graber

Nuts and cocktails are a no-brainer combination, and these chipotle almonds go well with the frozen mango margaritas. There are several recipes for these, some adding powdered cocoa or even powdered dr... read more
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