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Mexican coconut sweets: Cocadas Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican cocada candies
In addition to the west coast of Mexico, Peru and Colombia also claim these sweets as their own, an indication that perhaps they followed the Pacific route of the ceviche. In any case, the coconut sweets known as cocadas are Colima's signature candy. read more

Candied walnuts: Nueces garapiñadas Karen Hursh Graber

Candied nuts are a favorite treat in Mexico, and may be made with walnuts, pecans, almonds or peanuts. Walnuts are most prevalent during the winter holiday season. This sweet is one of the things we ca... read more

Pumpkin Seed and Sesame Candy: Pepitoria Karen Hursh Graber

The pre-Hispanic pumpkin seeds and the sesame seeds brought by the Spaniards come together in a wonderfully textured candy, also sometimes called palanquetas. If giving the candies as gifts, wrap ea... read more

Soft Nougat Candy: Turrón Blando Tipo Jijona Karen Hursh Graber

Turrón was brought to Mexico by the Spaniards, who have two versions, one from Jijona and one from Alicante. Jijona turron is a soft ground almond and honey candy, while the Alicante version is hard, ... read more

Amaranth Candy: Dulce de Alegria Karen Hursh Graber

Alegrías, whose name is derived from the Spanish word for "happy", are made from the highly nutritious, ancient grain amaranth. Wrapped in colored cellophane, they make a nice addition to a gift baske... read more

Date and walnut roll: Rollo de datil y nuez Karen Hursh Graber

This is a very easy sweet to make, requiring few ingredients. The minimal cooking time makes it a good project to make with children during vacation time, provided that young children are supervised ar... read more

Milk Candy: Jamoncillo de Leche Karen Hursh Graber

This very typical regional sweet, resembling milk fudge, is sold all over Zacatecas. It should be made several hours or a day ahead and covered with plastic wrap. Ingredients: 1 quart whole m... read more

Candied Pumpkin: Calabaza en Tacha Karen Hursh Graber

This Day of the Dead specialty dates back to pre-Hispanic times, when it was sweetened with either maguey sap or honey. It is found ready-made in Mexican mercados toward the end of October, as people b... read more

Sweet treats from Mexico: Los dulces Karen Hursh Graber

Dulces típicos — traditional Mexican candies — for sale in a street market
© Daniel Wheeler, 2010
Mexico's vast array of dulcerías (candy stores) panaderías (bakeries) pastelerías and bizcocherías (shops that feature displays of enormous, intricately decorated cakes for special occasions) all give testimony to the national sweet tooth. I have been in pueblos so small that there is only one phone in town, but there always seems to be a dulcería with a great variety of candies stacked to the ceiling. read more
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