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Top 5 tequila drinks Daniel Wheeler

Think tequila, and many think of spring break and tequila shots, followed by who knows what?

But precursors of this quintessentially Mexican drink considered a gift from the gods.

Tequila has to do with its real roots, with the land it comes from and the lifestyle surrounding it. Here are my top five tequila drinks. read more

Mexican beer meets lemon, ice and salt in the michelada: step by step Daniel Wheeler

One of young Mexico's favorite drinks, the michelada makes sense in all ways. Let's face it — you think of the ingredients and you know Mexico's got it right. A fresh and clear Mexican lager is always a must in this classic beverage. Mix it up with some lime juice and rough sea salt and you've got a winner. read more

Preparing Mexico's classic chiles rellenos: Step by step Daniel Wheeler

One of the most comforting and traditional dishes in this country is chiles rellenos, literally translated as "stuffed chiles" — a dish that originated in the colonial city of Puebla and that evolved into an uncountable amount of varieties and versions. The original and most simple one is the chile relleno stuffed with cheese. read more

Classic and refreshing: Mexico's margarita tequila cocktail Daniel Wheeler

Ingredients for the classic margarita include tequila, Cointreau, the juice of fresh limes (limones) and bar syrup, a sugar and water mixture. Salt adorns the rim of the glass.<br>
© Daniel Wheeler, 2010
When you think of Mexico and its hot summer days, think of a cool, and flavorful cocktail with the national drink, tequila. This drink has basic three basic ingredients: tequila, triple sec, and lemon or key lime juice. read more

Shrimp sandwiches in chipotle cream sauce: Tortas ahogadas de camaron Daniel Wheeler

Mexico boasts two long seacoasts teeming with a vast variety of fresh seafood. We have some of the best culinary traditions and recipes to show off the ingredients and techniques that evolved from the years of fusion between European and native cultures. I'd like to share an adaption of one of Guadalajara's most traditional dishes — the torta ahogada or "drowned sandwich." read more

Guacamole, step by step Daniel Wheeler

Tired of eating burritos and chimichangas… or even Taco Bell? If your idea of Mexican food is a tortilla shell with marinara sauce, or you eat your hot dogs with chili beans, you'll find guacamole a good complement. And people who know real Mexican food consider it one of the best side dishes that Mexico can offer. As a dip while watching Monday night football or alongside a great plate of carne asada with warm tortillas and spicy arroz rojo in a typical family reunion in México, guacamole always hits the spot. read more

Chilaquiles rojos resurrect revelers and leftover tortillas Daniel Wheeler

Chilaquiles offer a hearty and renewing experience after a few too many tequilas, and are delicious anytime. You can make the dish as mild or piquant as you wish. read more
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