The pristine beach of Playa Los Tortugas is one of the most beautiful and romantic on the Nayarit Riviera. © Christina Stobbs, 2012

Playa Las Tortugas, Playa Platanitos and San Blas: Hidden gems on Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera: Hidden gems on Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera

Beautiful beaches abound all along Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera. Here are two more gorgeous hidden gems and a historic beach town. Playa Los Tortugas is an exquisite five-mile stretch of beach on the coast of Nayarit in the still unspoiled area of Boca de Chila. This portion of the coast is often referred to as Costa […]

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Color is everywhere in Sayulita, making the town a cheerful place for relaxing and enjoying life © Christina Stobbs, 2012

Sayulita: A quintessential Mexico beach town on the Riviera Nayarit

This charming little beach town located on Pacific Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, is only a forty-minute drive north of Puerto Vallarta. Sayulita has exploded in popularity as an alternative beach vacation destination during the past few years and celebrity sightings are becoming rather common place. You just know that Sayulita is special, even before arriving, because […]

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Playa Los Ayala is beach bliss, without the glitz or glamour! © Christina Stobbs, 2012

El Monteon, Punta Raza, Playa Los Ayala and Playa Friederas: Hidden gems on Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera

It’s all about being alone! The beaches of El Monteon and Punta Raza are two of my preferred Mexico beaches on the Riviera Nayarit because they are both well, off the beaten path, undeveloped and truly pristine. I love a hidden gem of a beach that I can call my own, at least for a […]

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Tourists straddle a Melaque street road, inviting a host of curses and, maybe, of injuries. © Gerry Soroka, 2009

Good morning, Melaque: one day in a small Mexico beach town

When we return to Canada in the spring, we are cheerful, rested and tanned. We tell our friends that, yes, we had another glorious extended vacation in Mexico. After the exchange of a few pleasantries, some people are likely to blurt out: “Six months in Mexico! Whatever do you do every day? What do you […]

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Playa El Amor, a secluded beach in the Cabo Corrientes area of Mexico's Costa Alegre © David Kimball, 2013

Cabo Corrientes: Beaches in Mexico with nobody there

Cabo Corrientes is one of those vaguely heard of places where nobody ever goes because… well, where is it? And how and why would you go there? Literally, Cabo Corrientes means “cape currents.” It’s the point about 30 miles west of Puerto Vallarta where Banderas Bay finally gives up its apparent attempt to swallow the Pacific. Look […]

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Days end after a fishing trip on Isla Mujeres. Outcome, success. © Louie Frias, 2013

6 “Must Do” activities on your visit to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres. That little gem off the coast of Cancun lying peacefully in the Caribbean Sea, beckoning you over to experience her magic. “Magic” is precisely how you will hear isleños — island residents — and visitors alike describe her. Mystical, healing, and rejuvenating are also words which have been associated with the island. Until you go, […]

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