A culinary guide to Mexican herbs: Las hierbas de cocina

Spring is the season of renewal, evident in the green buds poking up through the warming earth and, here in Mexico, symbolized by the wheat sprouts that adorn altars during Easter week. For many people, this time of year brings with it the urge to plant a garden. As the nitrogen-rich April showers begin preparing […]

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Fish from Lake Chapala. Photo: Tony Burton

A Guide to Mexican Fish and Shellfish – Part Two: Las Delicias del Mar

Part One: Culinary guide to Mexican fish and shellfish: Las delicias del mar I Last month’s column presented the first part of an alphabetized list of Mexico’s most popular eating varieties of fish and shellfish, expanded beyond the literal meaning of mar – ocean – to include freshwater species. Throughout Lent, markets and supermarkets have been selling […]

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Fish from Mexico's ocean coasts © Daniel Wheeler, 2009

Culinary guide to Mexican fish and shellfish: Las delicias del mar I

Although Mexicans relish seafood all year long, the months of March and April top the rest in consumption of fish and shellfish. Besides the fact that most species are available in late winter and early spring, the Lenten and Holy Week meatless meal traditions contribute enormously to this seasonal swell in the popularity of las delicias […]

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Caimito or star apple is a regional fruit in the Valladolid area of the Yucatan, related to the mamey and other sapote species. It is used in ices and ice cream. — Caimito es una fruta regional del área de Valladolid en Yucatán, relacionada con el mamey y otras especies de sapote. Se utiliza para preparar hielos y nieves.

Refrescante y exótico – los regalos de verano: una guía a las frutas tropicales de México

México está bendecido con abundantes frutas tropicales. Se sirven frutas en platos elegantes, vasos y bolsas desechables que se venden en las esquinas. No importa que tan humilde sea el lugar, las frutas en bolsa siempre se cortan en tiras o gajos uniformes y se sirven con limón fresco y chile en polvo si lo […]

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Cheese Counter, Coyoacán (Wikimedia: CC)

A guide to Mexican cheese: Los quesos mexicanos

Mexican Kitchen Mexican markets, especially the open-air variety, still bear an uncanny resemblance to their pre-Hispanic predecessors. The colors and aromas of carefully arranged piles of fruit and vegetables, bundles of herbs, and all manner of corn dough-based food baking on the comal is not that much different from the descriptions given nearly five hundred […]

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Did You Know? Archaeologists have found fifteen-hundred-year-old kitchens

Mexican cuisine has been one of the country’s most successful cultural exports over the past twenty years or so and most large towns in North America and Europe now boast at least one Mexican restaurant, even if the menu is not necessarily “authentic”. For those wanting to experiment, the basic ingredients for Mexican meals can […]

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