Mixquic: the Day of the Dead and the Day of All Saints in Mexico

In Mexico on the first two days of November, the dead are remembered in a very special celebration which is one of the most hallowed traditions in the Mexican culture. Each year, a series of unique events are held in several parts of the country to commemorate family members who have passed away. In the […]

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Tilma depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe

La Virgen de Guadalupe – Mother of all Mexico

Strolling through street markets, browsing the tourist stalls, visitors to all parts of Mexico see mountains of goods featuring the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. As tourists observe the impossibly colorful image repeated endlessly on caps, T-shirts, key chains, sequined appliqués, mud flaps, decals, bibs, murals, bumper stickers, tiles, candles, religious art, mirrors and […]

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Nobody expects the Protestant Inquisition

First written in the spring of 1994, this story has been revised several times as dictated by subsequent events. It has generated more responses than any other. Most of them have been at least somewhat rational. Every Norteamericano who reads a newspaper or watches 60 Minutes knows that an armed political/economic struggle has been going […]

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