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Cultural differences and clarity in Mexico's business world Ilya Adler

When U.S. executives are sent to Mexico, they soon hear that Mexicans are "indirect" and "will not give you a straight answer, "especially if what needs to be communicated is unpleasant." Thus, the gen... read more

Bad news : Seeking concrete solutions to a cultural attitude Daniel G. Little

I found that the reluctance to communicate bad news was not a trait of our Mexican employees alone, but I did find that it was more prevalent there. read more

English Required: Tom Dieusaert

Since the signing of NAFTA, an increasing emphasis has been placed on the importance of knowing English in Mexico. And not surprisingly, English teaching has become a profitable business. Unfortunately... read more

Building Trust Ilya Adler

Like many other authors, I have often commented about the "trust" issue in business. According to author Francis Fukuyama, "trust" is a human capital that determines the way society develops business. ... read more

You Owe Me One! Or the Concept of Favors in Mexico and in the U.S.A. Ilya Adler

Favors are done in every culture, but how favors are given and received differs among cultures. Comparing the mainstream U.S. culture and Mexico regarding this issue, we find striking differences, whic... read more

Double Standards Ilya Adler

The topic of business ethics is one that too often ends up on the back burner, unless you happen to be a social activist. In business circles, the topic arouses as much interest as a turtle race. ... read more

Power Play Ilya Adler

Empowering employees in Mexico presents a different series of challenges than in the United States. Mexico’s hierarchical and authoritarian tradition makes it extremely difficult for managers to dele... read more

Mexotic Products Ilya Adler

To many outside Mexico, the country often seems "exotic." Described as "surreal," endless description about the inner soul of Mexico (the " Mexico Profundo," or the "Deep Mexico"), complex, tradition... read more

About Number One Ilya Adler

A common saying among professionals in the United States goes something like, "I've got to take care of number one, you know," usually when discussing a situation in which the speaker had clearly behav... read more

Just The Facts Ma'am, Or Will My Hunch Do? Ilya Adler

I get many inquiries from non-Mexicans interested in investing in or starting a new business in Mexico. The inquiries usually ask the normal "administrative" curiosities: What are the numbers for the i... read more

Racism And Business In Mexico 2 Ilya Adler

In July, I wrote about racism and how this affects business in Mexico. The article provoked a huge reaction. I got love mail and hate mail. This month I'll share some of the most thoughtful response... read more

Racism And Business In Mexico Ilya Adler

Although denied officially and, personally by many Mexicans, racism in Mexico is so evident that most foreigners notice it right away. All you have to do is look at Mexican-produced television programs... read more

Inner And Outside Circles Ilya Adler

One thing that often puzzles observers from the U.S. about Mexico is the apparent dichotomy between how Mexicans behave at the personal level, and how they manifest themselves in anonymity. Thus, your ... read more

Communication: The Asian Factor Ilya Adler

I always tell my students and seminar participants that Mexico is a complex culture. In some ways is much like the rest of Latin America. Yet in other ways it is more similar to South and East Asian cu... read more

Feeling Nuts In Mexico Ilya Adler

In Mexico, when you go to a traditional marketplace, or a store around the corner, it is not unusual that a number of things will be packaged in small plastic bags with a close-knit knot, and not a sho... read more

Sensitive Mexicans Ilya Adler

It has been said by many non-Mexicans such as Americans, Germans, French, among many others, that Mexicans are much too touchy: They don't seem to handle criticism very well, and are too easily hurt. S... read more

Mexican Business Lunches Ilya Adler

Business people in Mexico will tell you, as most business people will, that business meals are important rituals considered well-spent perks, since often business people work long hours and are away fr... read more

The Heavy Toll Of Culture Shock Ilya Adler

Is culture shock, as experienced by many ex-pats and their families, a psychological or a cultural issue? I was recently involved in a discussion group where this issue was debated. All of us agreed th... read more

The Cultural Contexts Of Mexican Business Dealings Chris Stewart

The Cultural Contexts of Mexican Business Dealings: From Stereotypes to Respect By chris stewart Copyright © Chris Stewart 2001 Questions or comments? mail to chris@mex... read more

Comparing Management Differences - Cultural Myths David McLaughlin

General Items   Myths "What works here ought to work in Mexico." Not so. You cannot transplant Canadian or US techniques, methods and management styles without adapting them and expect them to work... read more

When in Rome... Mexican greeting practices in the business world Ilya Adler

It is surprising how different norms on the proper greeting method in the business world affect people so strongly. This is especially true when we contrast U.S. and Mexican preferences. Some people wi... read more

Increasing equity in Mexico: Discrimination in the world of international business Ilya Adler

Discrimination is an important moral concern for all of us. In the business world, the issue of discrimination goes beyond moral grounds. Although businesses’ main concern is profits, discrimination... read more

Pulling together: Cross national teamwork promises greater efficiency for doing business in Mexico Ilya Adler

These days it seems every company is adopting a team approach to doing business. While the concept is relatively new in the Western world, it is an old practice in Japan. But team-building, which requi... read more

Mexican-Anglo staff meetings: Meetings halfway Ilya Adler

A reality of any manager's life is attending and calling staff meetings. Another reality is that most managers complain staff meetings are a "waste of time." When meetings involve Mexican and Anglo-Am... read more

In the dark: Without reliable information, Mexican managers get in touch with their feelings Ilya Adler

Anyone who has ever worked in Mexico realizes that one of the biggest differences between doing business in this country and its two Nafta partners concerns information. Whereas in the U.S. and Canada ... read more
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