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Chiapas on the web

Ron Mader

The eyes of the world have been on the southern state of Chiapas since the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) rose up in arms on Jan. 1, 1994. With a new governor and negotiations underway between the federal government and the EZLN, Chiapas is again making headlines around the world. News coverage is quite ample on the Web, along with editorials and activist campaigns. That said, it's disappointing to find so few in-depth sites. While various foundations and non-profits have channeled resources and aid into the state, it's hard to find current information on their accomplishments.


Na Bolom: House of the Jaguar
/5 Stars

Na Bolom is a Mexican non-profit environmental center founded in 1951 by Danish Archaeologist Frans Blom and Swiss photographer Gertrude Duby Blom. Although the Bloms have passed away, they left a strong legacy of research and environmental activism.

People planning to visit their beautiful home in San Cristobal de las Casas will benefit from a virtual tour of this rich, bilingual website. Individual sections focus on Na Bolom's extensive library and excellent photo archive, and there are even volunteer opportunities ( The Na Balom website has undergone several revisions in the past few years and will no doubt continue to improve. Email contact:


Yahoo! - Chiapas News
/5 Stars

Chiapas-related news is indexed and regularly updated on this Spanish-language portal. Included are recent news stories from Notimex and Reuters news services and editorials from La Jornada newspaper. This is a clean site and well administered. There is little duplication and the page features links to daily coverage from the past week. Too bad there's no English equivalent, but this site definitely deserves a bookmark.


/5 Stars

While not the official Zapatista site, EZLN is the hub for its communiqués. The site provides a good history of the Chiapas political movement as well as explaining its own role ( "The crisis in Chiapas will not be resolved in cyberspace; yet, the Internet can be a powerful tool for activism and the dissemination of information (hence, the page's existence)."

Sorry, Subcomandante Marcos does not have a direct email address, but you can contact the webmaster at


Presidencia: Chiapas
/5 Stars

Mexico's government has a well-designed website with a new section exclusively on Chiapas issues. Entitled "Chiapas: La Reconciliación Posible," the page includes all the recent articles and press releases from Los Pinos that mention Chiapas. Used by journalists to gather the latest official statements, this site is worth viewing by anyone interested in regional politics.


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Biodiversidad de Chiapas - CONABIO

A "just the facts" approach to the diversity of flora and fauna in one of Mexico's greenest states.

Chiapas State Government

Very little about the state government. The page instead focuses on Chiapas Governor Pablo Salazar, including a URL re-direct to

Conservation International - Mexico and

Here are two websites (in Spanish and English) that provide superficial information about CI's work in the Lacandón Rainforest. Too bad neither site provides in-depth reports or news.

The state guide to Chiapas

This site can be found online (

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