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Ron Mader

World soccer fans were surprised at Mexico's success at last year's World Cup, but Mexican soccer has been improving over the past decade. Now it boasts a growing contingent of futbol aficionados in Mexico and abroad. The Web provides key information about this popular sport, though the English-language sites seem preoccupied with teams in the United States and Europe. Many of Mexico's teams have their own Spanish-language sites, though of varying quality: If you are looking for the results of the latest game, you might not find what you're looking for. Of course, all things change on the Net, and it's only a matter of time before sites provide audio and video links for fans around the world.

ESPN - Mexico Soccer
*** (out of five *)

Sports media titan ESPN rarely covers soccer on its flagship cable channel, and shows clips from Mexican games only when Mexico plays the United States. So it's a pleasant surprise to discover that this page exists at all. It provides a one-stop review of the latest Mexican scores and standings. Sure, I wish the site had links to individual teams or information about specific games, but this is a great step forward for the U.S. channel that claims to be "the global leader in sports."
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Pagina Azteca

"Viva la pasion de futbol!" screams the title on each page of this jazzy Spanish-language site created by Pedro Pineda. Look for previews of games, tournaments, latest scores and even an interactive survey on the home page. This feature—becoming more common on high-tech sites is fun if you speak Spanish and follow the Mexican league. While the site’s visual appeal is undeniable—it is obviously the product of the passion it speaks of—it could offer more content about specific games.
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Futbol Mundial – Mexico

The Spanish-language page is a little slow loading, but it contains an excellent collection of news and background about Mexican soccer( Neither the league schedule nor the results page have direct links to individual teams, though related links are found on a separate page ( One major disappointment is the section labeled "English News"( Mexico isn’t covered, only the traditional European powerhouses. Helpful is the Television Schedule:(
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Mexican soccer for dummies

I would have loved to have given a higher ranking to this terrific 15-minute guide to Mexican futbol basics, but this page hasn't been updated for almost a year (perhaps they are waiting for Necaxa to win another championship). Nonetheless, this is the best starting place for anyone who wants to understand why Mexicans love this sport. The page explains the classic rivalries and profiles Mexico's best players. The style of this page is simple and elegant. The only thing missing is a contact address to compliment the author of this guide and ask that it be kept up-to-date.

Other recommended websites include

Sidebar: FutbolTeams

Mexican soccer teams are just coming online with timely information. You'll find a mix of official and unofficial sites created by the teams and their fans. Here's a sampling of individual Mexican teams on the Net:

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