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Basic guide for foreign investors in Mexico

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To facilitate the entry of foreign investors, officials, professionals and/or technicians involved in any financial or economic activity in Mexico, authorities in Mexican Consulates abroad are empowered to issue the corresponding visas. Citizens or legal permanent residents of Canada and the United States may remain in Mexico for a maximum period of 30 days by obtaining the FMN immigration form, free of charge. This form is extended to "business visitors", "directors", "technicians" and "transferred personnel". The characteristics and requirements of this visa are as follows:

A. Business Visitors.-

To negotiate or sign business contracts, carry on performance checks, look for investment alternatives, or otherwise invest in the country directly.

B. Directors.-

To attend meetings of the board of directors of companies legally incorporated in Mexico as appointed by the stockholders' meeting.

C. Technicians.-

To provide specialized services previously agreed upon or contemplated by technology transfer, patent or trade mark agreements, machinery and equipment purchase contracts, technical training or any other contracts related to the production process in a company incorporated in Mexico.

D. Transferred Personnel.-

Foreigners hired by any parent company, subsidiary or affiliate aiming to perform managerial, executive or consulting duties in a Mexican company or who provide specialized knowledge on the activities of such company.

The requirements for the FMN Form are:

  1. A letter in Spanish from the parent company stating the reason for the staff to be transferred into Mexico.
  2. Evidence of the appointment as director.
  3. A letter of invitation issued by the company, professional chamber or public agency stating the reason for the person to enter into Mexico.
  4. Valid Passport.

The FMN Form may also be obtained directly from immigration personnel at any port of entry in Mexico, upon presentation of these documents. Before the 30 day term is over, visitors who require a longer stay may apply for an FM3 non-immigrant visitor form, issued by the National Immigration Institute. The FM3 form authorizes the performance of uncompensated activities in the country for up to one year, to be renewed subject to payment of the corresponding duties.

For more information - In Canada please contact:

The Embassy of Mexico - Consular Section
45 O'Connor Street, Suite 1500
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1A4
PH. (613) 233-6665
FAX. (613) 235-9123


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