The Cuisine of Tabasco: Heartland Of Pre-Hispanic Cooking

Nestled along the southernmost coast of the Gulf of Mexico is the state of Tabasco, birthplace of the Olmecs, called the “mother culture of Mesoamerica”, and the Chontal Maya, famous as seafaring tradesmen. This impressive heritage, combined with bountiful natural resources, has helped Tabasco preserve significant elements of its ancient cuisine. According to Conaculta’s series […]

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Known as pimienta gorda, allspice is grown in Puebla, Mexico © Daniel Wheeler, 2011

Fragrant, flavorful allspice: An essential Mexican seasoning

Recently, when a friend here in Cholula went up to Cuetzalan, in the Sierra of Puebla, I asked him to bring back some allspice, which proliferates there on evergreen trees that produce fat, fragrant berries. An indispensable ingredient in several adobos (the seasoning pastes used on meat, fish and fowl) and on many regional pipians (the seed-based […]

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