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So You Are In Mexico, Married To A Mexican Citizen And Want To Move To The U.S. Shawn Gralla

So you are an American in Mexico, married to a Mexican citizen and want to move to the U.S.; maybe to work, visit family, go to school or some combination. This short description is the required proces... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Traveling To Mexico Part 2 Adriana Perez Flores

In August, we covered the basic things you need to watch for and or take care of for first time visitors into Mexico - simple Immigration issues and car importation permits. This was intended for the f... read more

Head For Mexico: The Renegade Guide Reviewed by jennifer j. rose

The latest - Don Adams' Head for Mexico: The Renegade Guide stands out from the rest of the herd. Adams, a Texas-born Vietnam vet who whiled away his working years as a truck driver, insurance adjuster and teacher, actually lived full-time in Mexico for more than five years before setting out to write his book. He still lives in Mexico, and he's here for the long haul. And his experience is not limited to a single area or transient accommodations.

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On Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel Reviewed by Allan Cogan

"My editor wanted me to write about life here in the region where we live. At that time, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and Querétero ranked a page or two each in the guide books, day stops or overnighters on a tour of the ‘silver cities,’ the subject of an occasional tourist piece in a Sunday travel section, the ‘charming little town hidden away in the Mexican mountains.’ Don’t put a gloss on it, the editor said. Tell what life is really like, the good and the bad. Tell the truth a good fiction writer knows.” read more
Showing 1—4 of 4 results
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