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Catemaco, Mexico: home to an eclectic group of international expats William B. Kaliher

The producer of Medicine Man, starring Sean Connery, found Los Tuxtlas, as did Mel Gibson when he filmed Apocalypto. Being the home of the mysterious Olmec civilization, which predated the Mayans, make... read more

Mazatlan: why snowbirds keep coming back Carolyn Patten

The closest of Mexico's Pacific beach resorts to the U.S. West Coast, Mazatlan is a favorite winter destination for snowbirds who love its casual, sometimes gritty atmosphere, low prices, fresh seafood and miles of golden beaches. Many Canadians and West Coasters return year after year, settling in for a couple of weeks or half a year. read more

Zirahuen, Michoacan: Mexico's Walden Pond Linda Breen Pierce

When I first set eyes on the pure, crystal blue waters of Lago (lake) Zirahuén in the central highlands of Mexico, my stomach did a nose dive. How could such striking alpine beauty exist in a country ... read more

Short-term cell phone in Mexico for only $14 US Richard Ferguson

Have you ever wanted a cell phone in Mexico, but did not want to pay big money for the privilege? Even if your current cell phone company would arrange for your phone calls to your stateside cell phone number to ring your cell phone in Mexico, would you want to pay international long distance charges on every local call that you make or receive? Do you want to be able to save money on phone calls to the USA? read more

Water Crisis: Availability Of Water In Mexico Julia Taylor

"For many of us, water simply flows from a faucet, and we think little about it beyond this point of contact. We have lost a sense of respect for the wild river, for the complex workings of a wetland, for the intricate web of life that water supports."

- Sandra Postel, Last Oasis: Facing Water Scarcity, 2003.

read more

Contentment: My life in Puerto Vallarta Linda Abbott Trapp

From Letters To My Granddaughters The author shares a typical day from her life in Puerto Vallarta and her techniques to reach contentment anywhere. Directed to her grandaughter... read more

Landscapes Of Mexico, Landscapes Of The Self Samantha Raneri

Mexico is a land of contrasts; I see this in both of my workplaces. Click on pics for large view ... read more

Hey Compadre Alvin Starkman

One day they may be calling you, so be ready and learn what it means read more

Michoacán's rural education Amanda Villagómez

Michoacán Index Gracias y Credits The State: State Map Introduction to Michoacán The Meseta Purepecha - Exploring Michoacán Alternative Tourism in Michoac... read more

Tequila, Lemon and Salt: From Baja - Tales of Love, Faith and Magic by Daniel Reveles Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The location for these nine stories is the town of Tecate in the Baja, located 34 miles east of Tijuana. Tucked away in the extreme northwest of Mexico, it couldn't possibly be any closer to the U.S. border. The town can also boast that it is the home of Daniel Reveles, author of three attractive collections of novellas. The latest of these is the one reviewed here. read more

ACÁ Locations For Great Greens - Lake Chapala's Center For Organic Greens, Herbs And Spices.

Associacion Comunitaria de Auto Suficiencia A.C. "ACÁ" Email The Essence of Summer If there's one food that really captures the essence of summer, it's salad. All kinds of beautiful, ripe produce... read more

Las Cucarachas' Tails by Jerry Hesser Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Personally I don't think I've come across anything quite like Las Cucarachas' Tails. And I should also quickly add that I found it to be an interesting and enjoyable read. read more

Ladies' day in Guadalajara L. P. Packman

My family and I live in Mexico, in the small village of Ajijic on the shores of Lake Chapala. We rent a house that comes with a maid, which is the norm in Mexico. Last year, Amelia was our maid and she... read more

A Tranquil Life At Casa Buena Vista L. P. Packman

I live in the small Mexican village of Ajijic, nestled on the shores of Lake Chapala, encircled by mountains. My husband Jeff, 9-year-old son Chase and I have lived here for over a year. I love our lif... read more

Mexifornia, a State of Becoming by Victor Davis Hanson Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Although there's heavy duty immigration going on, there's not a whole lot of integration taking place. read more

A Package From Spain Teresa Kendrick

“A Package from Spain” © 2003 T. Adams At 3 p.m. one Wednesday during the first week of July someone pulled the string on the brass bell outside Isabe... read more

Propina, Por Favor Sally Davis Ellwein

November 12 is "Dia del Cartero" here in Mexico. According to the pre-printed envelope that my mail carrier slipped under my apartment door, I am supposed to show my appreciation for his work by... read more

The Umbrella Jeanine Lee Kitchel

(While traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula on vacation in 1985, the author and her husband meet an adventurous contractor who offers to sell them a beachfront lot in Playa del Carmen. After accepting hi... read more

Approaching the Cosmos... Hotel: Travelling the World with a Gay Sensibility by Robert Champ Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This is a book of travel essays by a man who certainly has covered the world. I've chosen to review it here because so many of the pieces are concerned with places in Mexico, such as Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City and Guanajuato as well as my own familiar territory here in Ajijic and the Lake Chapala area. Other locations include Russia, China, Ireland, Paris, the French Riviera and some U.S. cities. In fact, for me one of the most interesting articles was about the author's running away from home in Kansas City with another boy and hitchhiking to San Diego. read more

Patrick Dennis, art lover Maria Elena

Patrick Dennis found me in Sullivan Park, just behind El Monumento de la Madre in Mexico City, one fine Sunday, and changed my life. His buddy, Nina Olds, Gore Vidal's mother, and my mother's buddy an... read more

Baseball In Guanajuato John McClelland

Judy pounds on my bedroom door, waking me from a very sound sleep. After all, it's only 7 a.m. "Yeah." I say. "There's a scorpion in the bathroom." Silence. "Jim!" "So kill it." "Killing scorpion... read more

Juanote Roy Dudley

Known affectionately as "Juanote" (Big John) to the inhabitants of Xalapa, Juan Herrera Vasquez ( 1924-1989) was a unique personality who was a humble cargador (mover), just as his father was, y... read more

Family Life At El Mirador Carolyn Michel

I doubt any experience Ernest Hemingway had in Spain, or Africa, or at The Compleat Angler on Bimini could top my entrance into family life at El Mirador. Daniel Casas, a man I never met, started b... read more

On Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel Reviewed by Allan Cogan

"My editor wanted me to write about life here in the region where we live. At that time, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and Querétero ranked a page or two each in the guide books, day stops or overnighters on a tour of the ‘silver cities,’ the subject of an occasional tourist piece in a Sunday travel section, the ‘charming little town hidden away in the Mexican mountains.’ Don’t put a gloss on it, the editor said. Tell what life is really like, the good and the bad. Tell the truth a good fiction writer knows.” read more

Essential plants in the Mexican household: Limon, papaya and sabila Maria Elena

Copyright © 2000 by Maria Elena. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.   There are three plants that are an essential part of the Mexican household, limon [lime, not lemon], papaya, and the trus... read more
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