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Does your Mexico auto insurance meet the coverage limits required by law?

Jim Lewis of Santa Monica is a pioneer in insurance services for tourists to Mexico. His concern for consumer affairs was fueled by a 1980 internship with Ralph Nader, and this experience led to a reva... read more

Driving in Mexico: Requirements, safety, routes

All you need to know to get ready and to drive in Mexico. Including personal experiences, routes and suggestions. read more

General Information to Travel to Mexico as a Tourist

Canadian and US citizens do not require a visa to visit Mexico for up to 180 days. The Mexican tourist card can be issued by any consulate of Mexico, the Mexican tourism offices, some travel agencies,... read more

Legal Advice for Mexico Travelers Robert & Curtis Page MD

All too many Mexican hospitals have complained that they have treated foreigners who later skipped on paying their bills. If you run into legal trouble in Mexico, the U.S. and Canadian consulates m... read more

Chambre De Commerce Du Canada A Mexico - Guadalajara

Notre Mission La Chambre a éte fondé en 1995 par des Mexicains étudiant au Canada. A ce jour, nous avons plus de 100 membres évoluant dans diverses industries. La Chambre a pour mission princi... read more

Obtaining an F.M.3 Discussion Thread Forum

There was a question in MTMG #1 about whether it is possible to get an FM3 visa before arriving in Mexico. I picked up a standard hand-outfrom the Consulate-Generalof Mexicoin Vancouver recently. It is dated March 1994 and the following information is extracted from it.The FM-3 may be secured at any Mexican Consulate upon the presentation of all of the following:

read more

So You Are In Mexico, Married To A Mexican Citizen And Want To Move To The U.S. Shawn Gralla

So you are an American in Mexico, married to a Mexican citizen and want to move to the U.S.; maybe to work, visit family, go to school or some combination. This short description is the required proces... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Traveling To Mexico Part 2 Adriana Perez Flores

In August, we covered the basic things you need to watch for and or take care of for first time visitors into Mexico - simple Immigration issues and car importation permits. This was intended for the f... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Traffic Police Adriana Perez Flores

There are many reasons our foreign community is growing. Everyone wants a better life, whether it be the climate, the people, cost of living, easy pace, or even to get away from the bureaucracy of life... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Traveling To Mexico Adriana Perez Flores

Traveling to Mexico   Planning a trip to Mexico? Coming to see if this is where you may want to retire? Actually moving to Mexico? Everyone has their own reason to visit this beautiful part of the w... read more

Pets in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Yes, you can bring your cats; no they are not quarantined. You can even bring the cat in the plane cabin, with a soft airline approved carrier (sherpa or samsonite). It costs about $100 for the extra carry-on/pet ticket, and if the pet is in the cabin with you you won't have to worry about pet travel restrictions due to weather. Get a health certificate from your vet dated within 10 days of your departure, and a health card/certificate showing all the vaccinations. Make sure the cat has a rabies shot. The customs people will ask you for a USDA animal form, which so far no one in the US has ever heard of or been able to find, but tell the customs people you called the consulate in your state and they said this would be sufficient. read more

Mexican Driver's License and Car Registration Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Jessica Waters on Marzo 24, 2000 As a US citizen, on an FMT or FM3 visa, will I need to get a Mexican driver's license? Mexican license plates/registration for my car? Is there an advantag... read more

Car Permits - Returned / Uncancelled Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Steve L. on Marzo 15, 2000 After driving down from Memphis, I broke my foot in Puerto Vallarta in December...the doctor felt that I shouldn't spend 4 days riding back to Tennessee in a ca... read more

Traveling in Mexico: Security of mind Wendy Devlin

How safe is tourist travel in Mexico? This question rates among the most controversial on any Internet forum about Mexico. Crime is a complex subject woven deep in any country's social fabric. The foll... read more

Surviving a highway accident in Mexico Allan Cogan

This was intended to be a straightforward article on driving to Nogales from Guadalajara and back, with information on tolls, distances, hotels, restaurants, etc. However, a young Chicano in a brand new truck changed all that on our return journey. Hence, the use of the word "accident" in the title of this piece. Our little escapade has been a salutory learning experience and perhaps I can pass on a few things we learned to people who might face similar difficulties some day. read more

Pets into Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Mexico Connect Forum Discussion Threads Posted by LittleCrow on May 29, 1997: What are the laws regarding taking a pet dog into Mexico? Must they be quarantined as in other countries? Posted by Ern... read more

Who can drive my car? Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Ernie Gorrie on January 21, 1997 I know that it is very important to take out Mexican automobile insurance if one is planning to drive a car in Mexico. When we buy a car in Mexico, of co... read more
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