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Mexico real estate: timeshares J. Brad Grieve

This may not sound like a Mexico real estate or home maintenance issue, but I thought my experience was worth sharing. Recently, my wife and I purchased a Mexico vacation package offered by our bank. A... read more

Short-term cell phone in Mexico for only $14 US Richard Ferguson

Have you ever wanted a cell phone in Mexico, but did not want to pay big money for the privilege? Even if your current cell phone company would arrange for your phone calls to your stateside cell phone number to ring your cell phone in Mexico, would you want to pay international long distance charges on every local call that you make or receive? Do you want to be able to save money on phone calls to the USA? read more

Wealth Julia Taylor

Am I richer or poorer in Mexico? I'm certainly richer in gratitude. The simple fact that everything is not as easy as it was before makes me better at appreciating what I have. When I first moved... read more

Tell me about the Fideicomiso Discussion Thread Forum

Can anyone tell me about the Fideicomiso annual rates in the Restricted areas? From as near as I can figure, fideicomiso rates are negotiated (orpre-determined) by various banks, lawyers, purchasers, etc. For example, take a look at read more

Mexico's Monte de Piedad - more than household finance jennifer j. rose

The Monte de Piedad, or National Pawnshop, bears little resemblance to the usual perception of the tawdry pawnshop, bordering the bail bondsman's office in a not-so-savory part of town, patronized by t... read more

Buy a computer in Mexico or the U.S? Discussion Thread Forum

I will be relocating to Mexico (Queretaro) soon and it is time to replace my computer. I had planned to purchase a notebook here in the US and bring it with me. Now I am having second thoughts. First, I fear that it would be difficult to get parts and service for a US model in Mexico. Toshiba, for example, claims that its US and Mexican models are different and that the Mexican retailers are not authorized to service the US models. Add to that the hassle of bringing the computer through customs on an FMT visa (alas, I'm not eligible for a FM3) and I think it would be better to simply purchase a computer in Mexico. I'm aware that comparable computers cost 20-30% more in Mexico, but perhaps it's worth the extra pesos to have better support and fewer hassles. Any thoughts?

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Showing 1—6 of 6 results
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