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Swimming with whale sharks in Cancun: An underwater safari Pamela Dittmer McKuen

Diving with Whale Shark
About 25 miles off Cancun's northeastern coast, past Isla Mujeres and far into the Caribbean waters, some of the largest known sea creatures loll their summers away. They are whale sharks, a gray-and-white spotted fish that can measure up to 40 feet long and weigh more than 15 tons. That's bigger than many dinosaurs.

On this particular late August morning, I would be hanging out with them for a while. Hopefully, they'd already eaten breakfast. read more

Tracing Your Indigenous Roots in Mexico John P. Schmal

Because I volunteer a few days each month as a Mexican genealogical consultant at the Los Angeles Family History Center, many people have asked me for assistance in tracing their indigenous roots in Me... read more

Hey Compadre Alvin Starkman

One day they may be calling you, so be ready and learn what it means read more

Michoacán's rural education Amanda Villagómez

Michoacán Index Gracias y Credits The State: State Map Introduction to Michoacán The Meseta Purepecha - Exploring Michoacán Alternative Tourism in Michoac... read more

December in Mazamitla by Ralph Rodriguez with Alan Cogan Allan Cogan and Ralph Rodriguez

December 12th is a very important Catholic holiday in Mexico. It's the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mazamitla is a very small mountain town in Jalisco that celebrates the Virgin's feast day an annual nine-day festival. The final days, we were told, are the best. read more

Living in Timucuy, Yucatan: birth, death and some in-between John G. Gladstein

The Setting Curanderismo The Inhabitants The Physical and Psychological Compadrazco The Beginning Love Is In the Air "I Do" The End of the Game Works Cited ... read more

A Chance to See Egypt by Sandra Scofield Reviewed by Allan Cogan

My spies tell me that author Scofield used to live in Ajijic and that Lago de Luz, the setting for her novel, is in fact Ajijic. If so, here’s her description of the village: "Lago de Luz, on the altiplano far from the sea, where it is neither hot nor cold, boasts no buildings higher than two stories, and no slick discos. It is rather a sleepy place, swollen on weekends when musicians and vendors make the plaza festive for the tourists in from the nearby city. Resident Americans and Canadians make their own social life in their suburban enclaves and trailer parks, their apartments and houses, halls and meeting rooms. The Lakeside Society is the hub of activity, the place where everyone crosses, but there are many diversions: Elk Clubs, Rotarians, Veterans Clubs, Red Cross and all the interest groups, for cards and dominoes and self-improvement. " read more

Family Life At El Mirador Carolyn Michel

I doubt any experience Ernest Hemingway had in Spain, or Africa, or at The Compleat Angler on Bimini could top my entrance into family life at El Mirador. Daniel Casas, a man I never met, started b... read more

There's a Word for It in Mexico Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Here's a nifty idea for a book for both Spanish language students and for people interested in Mexico. Author De Mente has found an effective way to reach both groups with a volume that takes a studious and careful look at 130 key words in Spanish and has written a couple of pages on each one. In the process, the reader is treated to a variety of knowledgeable tours through Mexican history and sociology and customs that would be hard to find elsewhere. read more

A date with the shady lady on Acapulco Wendy Devlin

Valentine's Day brought me face-to-face with the shady 'lady' hidden in Acapulco. Not only did I meet the 'lady'; I was mistaken for her! Acapulco is one of Mexico's oldest coastal tourist destination... read more

Inner versus outer qualities: My friendships with Mexican people Wendy Devlin

" Mexicans prize the individuality and the intellectual and emotional uniqueness of each person. They regard the innate alma or "spirit" of the individual as the most important of all human qualities a... read more

Passion with the Mexican people Wendy Devlin

PASSION: According to the Random House College Dictionary it is "any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling." It is further defined as "a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for any... read more
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