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Season of the Sacred: Rediscovering Christmas in Mexico Sylvia Brenner

I took one look around the tiny, dingy room I had rented and began questioning my sanity. It was December 2 and I was in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, after a tiring 24-hour bus ride one thousand mil... read more

Christmas in Mexico City Edythe Anstey Hanen

The flash of skate blades against gleaming ice. A cold-edged wind that creeps into your bones. The sharp, metallic smell of snow in the air. Winter. These are the images that most of us connect to our... read more

Mexican posadas and a famous Christmas carol Jenny McGill

Christmas posada<br>© Dale Hoyt Palfrey, 1996
Beginning on December 16, Mexican children have their nine days of posadas before Christmas. Two are chosen to dress up like Joseph and Mary and lead the other neighborhood children from house to house singing a request for a place to rest. There are singers inside the houses they pass who are programmed to sing a refusal of lodging. Finally, they arrive at a house where they are received and refreshments are served. read more

Christmas angels - a highway story in Mexico Gerry Green

In this holiday season, I want to share an experience that truly demonstrates the spirit of Christmas. You wouldn't believe the inventiveness, perseverance, kindness and generosity of Mexicans when som... read more

Our Mexico hotel in Melaque Wendy Devlin

One hour north of Manzanillo, Colima, the Primero Plus gave one final jolt in front of Melaque’s bus station. From air-conditioned comfort, we stepped down into the afternoon warmth. By arriving mid ... read more

December in Oaxaca Maria Diaz

In December in Oaxaca there's a fiesta almost every day, which makes this colonial city one of the most popular holiday destinations for both foreigners and Mexicans. We describe below the main ce... read more

Mexico beach Christmas Wendy Devlin

The trailer was packed, the three kids and the dog were loaded into the van as final preparations were made for the "journey to the end of the earth". For us, Baja truly seemed land's end. Nobody we kn... read more
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