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Crossing to Tijuana: The Blue Line Henry Biernacki

The people waiting at the Civic Center either went to get someone out of jail or take the train to the US-Mexico border. That was life, dia y noche in San Diego and the most charming way to enter Mexico, via Tijuana. read more

Border disorder: passages into Mexico Gerry Soroka

I tell my friends that the only thing I have had stolen by Mexicans was my unwavering fealty to Canada: I have even considered living fulltime in Mexico. We are approaching the border crossing about half a mile off. There are no distinctive read more

Driving across the Mexican border: Regulations and guidelines Mexico Data On-Line

Here are a couple of steps you need to take when you decide to drive across the border into Mexico. If you abide by these rules, you'll be making sure you can legally take your trip to Mexico by car. ... read more

Fragment Jorge Tirado

A simple vista vi un fragmento de tierra en alguna costa, frente a un océano. El vistazo se transformó en mirada. Me sumergí momentáneamente en la contemplación. Varias ideas surcaron mi mente, ... read more

Fragment Jorge Tirado

David Aguilar, chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, said the United States is experiencing a large increase in the number of illegal entries, according to the US State Department. New to Mexconnect, J... read more

Obtaining an F.M.3 Discussion Thread Forum

There was a question in MTMG #1 about whether it is possible to get an FM3 visa before arriving in Mexico. I picked up a standard hand-outfrom the Consulate-Generalof Mexicoin Vancouver recently. It is dated March 1994 and the following information is extracted from it.The FM-3 may be secured at any Mexican Consulate upon the presentation of all of the following:

read more

Migration: documented on the web Ron Mader

Recent events have placed migration in Mexico's political spotlight. High-level discussions between political leaders throughout North America underscore the great changes taking place. The Web provide... read more

Dynamic websites join two nations at the borderline Ron Mader

The borderlands shared by Mexico and the United States make up one of the world's most dynamic regions. Communities have used the Web to further not only a cross-border exchange but also as a means to ... read more

Sweet And Sour Times On The Border Joe Cummings

Less than 500 metres south of the U.S. border, in front of a ochre-stuccoed shopfront signed 'Café Nueva Asia', a technicolor banner of the Virgin of Guadalupe hangs side by side with a red paper lamp... read more

Mexifornia, a State of Becoming by Victor Davis Hanson Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Although there's heavy duty immigration going on, there's not a whole lot of integration taking place. read more

Days of Obligation: An Argument with my Mexican Father by Richard Rodriguez Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Richard Rodriguez is the son of Mexican parents but was born in California. He sounds as though he understands Spanish but admits he doesn't speak it fluently. I definitely found Rodriguez to be a very provocative writer. read more

Mexican Voices, American Dreams: An oral history of Mexican immigration to the United States Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Mexican immigration into the U.S. represents "the greatest migration of people in the history of humanity." The author estimates that some 5 million legal Mexican immigrants reside in the U.S. plus there's a further 2 million illegal immigrants also in the country. read more

Pets in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Yes, you can bring your cats; no they are not quarantined. You can even bring the cat in the plane cabin, with a soft airline approved carrier (sherpa or samsonite). It costs about $100 for the extra carry-on/pet ticket, and if the pet is in the cabin with you you won't have to worry about pet travel restrictions due to weather. Get a health certificate from your vet dated within 10 days of your departure, and a health card/certificate showing all the vaccinations. Make sure the cat has a rabies shot. The customs people will ask you for a USDA animal form, which so far no one in the US has ever heard of or been able to find, but tell the customs people you called the consulate in your state and they said this would be sufficient. read more

Laredo and Nuevo Laredo: Four good reasons to visit a border town Renée J. LaPerrière de Gutiérrez

Regardless whether you translate la frontera as "border" or "frontier," the images evoked are often negative: lawlessness, dusty streets, harsh climes, and a general disregard for human life. Even... read more

Opening of bridge No. 4 in Laredo Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Renee on Marzo 22, 2000 Wowee! Just learned today that (barring unforeseen problems) the presidents of both Mexico and the US have agreed to come to the big bridge bash on April 14, 2000! ... read more

The crossing from Mexico ti the US, based on a true story Julie Black

Based on a true story.   By Julie Black © 1999 All Rights Reserved. Oh, Mexico, he thought to himself, the azure sky that meets the silhouette of red tiled roofs, central patios overflowing with t... read more

The People's Guide to Mexico, 25th Anniversary Edition Reviewed by Allan Cogan

“This book is about Mexico - about living, travelling and taking things as they come in a foreign country. It’s about driving conditions and health and how to cross the border. It’s about drinking the water without getting sick… It’s not about which hotels to stay in or the most interesting villages to visit. The purpose of the book is to teach you how to find out those things for yourself.” read more

Headin' South to Guadalajara from Nogales Discussion Thread Forum

Charlie G. Posted by Charlie G. on January 13, 1999 Headin' South from Nogales (an update) My son and I crossed the border at Nogales yesterday (1/11) and were pleasantly surprised with the eff... read more

Twilight on the Line: Underworlds and Politics at the U.S. - Mexico Border by Sebastian Rotella Norton Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The action never stops at the border. There is no other place like it on the globe. The international boundary stretches for almost two thousand miles, from the Pacific Ocean through the mountains, the deserts, the valleys of the Rio Grande to the Gulf of Mexico. The region is a vast world unto itself. And the westernmost, fourteen-mile strip between San Diego and Tijuana, the border's biggest and richest cities, is the most intense microcosm of that world. The U.S. Border Patrol records half a million yearly arrests of illegal immigrants here, accounting for almost half of all its arrests. read more

Pets into Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Mexico Connect Forum Discussion Threads Posted by LittleCrow on May 29, 1997: What are the laws regarding taking a pet dog into Mexico? Must they be quarantined as in other countries? Posted by Ern... read more

Driving across the border? Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Melissa Fiddler on January 12, 1997 I need as much information as possible about driving to Mexico. I've heard that this may not be the easiest thing to do. We would be two to three Can... read more
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