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Easy living in Mazatlan, the Pearl of the Pacific Thom McDonald

Mazatlán, (pronounced “maz-it-LAWN”, with the stress on the last syllable), means “place of the deer” in the Nahuatl (Aztec) language,. It is a city of around half a million people, located on a long, flat stretch of the Pacific coast of Mexico, just to the south of the Tropic of Cancer and due east of the tip of the Baja peninsula. It is here that the cool waters of the deep Pacific meet those of the warm, shallow Gulf of California. You might think of Mazatlán as having one foot in the tropics and the other in the dryer, dessert climate to the north.

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A dream in Baja California Sur Wendy Devlin

On a surf-pounded beach in Baja California Sur, I sat with my family of five, in a circle of campers around a crackling bonfire. The flickering flames cast each storyteller’s face in turn with a rudd... read more

Mexican machismo and a Canadian tourist Wendy Devlin

“Watch out, Mom!” yelled Rose as the metal hulk of a city bus bore down upon the busy street corner. Hopping instantly back onto the curb, I choked on gasoline fumes while litter swirled in the bus... read more

Almost an Island: Travels in Baja California by Bruce Berger Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Bruce Berger is an excellent guide to the Baja. He’s been going there since the mid '60s, having driven the length of the peninsula at least three times when that meant travelling more than 1,000 kilometers of single lane dirt road. One could drive for a day and meet only one other car. And you would never dream of leaving without taking plenty of food, water and gasoline plus whatever extras and spare parts you might need to fix auto problems along the way. read more

Colima: Langostino in the sierras Wendy Devlin

“Everything about Colima smacks of the sea or the sierra,” I said appreciatively, gazing from the balcony of travel-writer Susan Dearing’s condominium. The sun rose like a great gold marigold abo... read more

Hike to Cuastecomate, Jalisco Wendy Devlin

The curving expanse of the Bahia de Navidad greets a rocky headland at the west-end of Melaque. The tranquil cove is sheltered from the open sea behind a tier of craggy sea stacks. Around the rocky hea... read more

A date with the shady lady on Acapulco Wendy Devlin

Valentine's Day brought me face-to-face with the shady 'lady' hidden in Acapulco. Not only did I meet the 'lady'; I was mistaken for her! Acapulco is one of Mexico's oldest coastal tourist destination... read more

A day in Oaxaca = Two thousand years: Monte Alban and the Zimatlan Valley. Tony Burton

(Part 1: The America's Oldest Urban Center)   Having reached Monte Alban and entered the site, on your right as you stand at the corner of the main plaza is the North Platform, the site of th... read more

Colimilla, Colima: The freshest seafood in Mexico Wendy Devlin

"When you return from your friends in Guadalajara, I will take you to the freshest, finest seafood in Colima!" promised Nestor, as we left the hotel that he managed in Melaque, Jalisco. Well, I do no... read more

Xalapa, Veracruz: city of flowers Allan Cogan

I’m puzzled as to why Xalapa hasn’t become more of a permanent residence for Americans and Canadians. Of the six cities my wife and I visited – Morelia, Cholula, Puebla, Xalapa, Vera Cruz and Queretero – Xalapa is for us the hands-down winner. read more

Traveling in Mexico: Security of mind Wendy Devlin

How safe is tourist travel in Mexico? This question rates among the most controversial on any Internet forum about Mexico. Crime is a complex subject woven deep in any country's social fabric. The foll... read more

Cabo to Cabo Joe Cummings

On my last visit to Cabo San Lucas in 1997, the city had installed its second traffic light four months ago. It stands on the northwestern outskirts of town, where Mexico Hwy. 19 begins its winding jou... read more

Driving down to Mexico again Karen Blue

I'm just back from California with my new car. It's a '93 Ford Explorer that I purchased from a good friend on one condition--that she help me drive it back to Ajijic. Yes, she's a very good friend. An... read more

Iguanas in Mexico fly at midnight Wendy Devlin

It was Nestor's gold capped smile that greeted us in the lobby of a small San Patricio Melaque hotel. At 2 a.m. his warm greeting enhanced his offer of the last available room on a busy holiday weekend... read more

Mañana at the lighthouse: Bahia la Ventana in Baja California Sur Wendy Devlin

Mañana is a Mexican word that I struggle to understand. I continue to learn more about this word every time that I travel in Mexico. One of my earliest lessons was learned at the lighthouse that prote... read more

Letting go in Mexico: Young teens on their own Wendy Devlin

Josh, fourteen, and Rose, twelve, were keen to discover Mexico in their own way in San Patricio/ Melaque. As they were six and eight when last they frolicked in the waves, they now felt mature and open... read more

Train times in Mexico Wendy Devlin

"TRAIN TIMES" IN MEXICO By "Blaise" Introduction by Wendy Devlin One of the great pleasures of traveling is the infinite variety of people that I meet at every turn in the road. The internet which i... read more

Cenote daydreams, Yucatan, Mexico Wendy Devlin

Recollections of stunning ruins, fantastic snorkelling, exquisite food and friendly people. The Yucatan is unlike any other region of Mexico. It has unique terrain, climate, cuisine and peop... read more

Huitussi, Sinaloa, Mexico Wendy Devlin

Have you ever tried to do a "good" deed and found that you had difficulty pulling it off? It happened to me on my second road trip to Mexico. From the previous year's journey through the Baja, I knew ... read more

San Patricio Melaque revisited Wendy Devlin

Five years ago, I visited the Mexican sea-side resort of San Patricio (Melaque), Jalisco. I arrived with my family and small trailer to join an amiable colony of recreation vehicle campers at the free ... read more

Driving from Guadalajara to Laredo and back Allan Cogan

My wife and I have driven from the Lakeside area to Laredo a few times on what always seemed to us, looking at the map, to be the shortest route, taking Highway 23 to Zacatecas and highway 54 from there to Saltillo, finishing the trip on Highway 85 via Monterrey. Starting early in the morning, it was easy to make Saltillo by early afternoon. Laredo was an easy hop the next morning. However, a couple of experiences on that route made us reconsider. read more

Hike to a coffee plantation in San Blas, Nayarit Wendy Devlin

When tourists visit tropical Mexico, they are sometimes invited to visit a coffee plantation. My invitation came when I was camping with my family near Aticama, a small village on the Nayarit coast, 10... read more

A three mile stroll through Mexican history Allan Cogan

I’m going to sound like something of a museum freak – which I’m definitely not. There’s a limit to the amount of "tourism" I can handle when I’m travelling. My strict ration is one castle, or one cathedral or one stately home per day. All of which is my way of saying that by far the classiest, the biggest and the most elegant museum I’ve ever seen is in Mexico City - The National Museum of Anthropology. read more

The great pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico: Place of the gods Allan Cogan

Teotihuacan is one of the major tourist attractions in Mexico City — a place that’s full of attractions. I urge you to go. It’s easy to get to. There are decent eating places out there and lots to see and do. There’s a museum and a cultural center and plenty of places to buy souvenirs. And if you’re feeling energetic, try the climb up to the top of either pyramid. read more

Mexico beach Christmas Wendy Devlin

The trailer was packed, the three kids and the dog were loaded into the van as final preparations were made for the "journey to the end of the earth". For us, Baja truly seemed land's end. Nobody we kn... read more
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