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Just one and I have to go: The joys of pulque Justin Dash

  I always like a glass of good pulque and my friend Pedro had some of the best. Once allowed only to Aztec nobles and priests, pulque is produced by cutting out the center of a Maguey cactus an... read more

Citrus-tequila cocktail: Mexicana Karen Hursh Graber

Refreshing as a dip in the Carribbean, this is a nice change from the popular spring and summer tequila-orange juice combination. Serve it in a tall, frosted glass, with your choice of garnish- a lime ... read more

Cooking with tequila: Mexico's national drink moves into the kitchen - Part Two Karen Hursh Graber

Last month the history, distillation process, and some culinary uses of tequila were discussed in this column. A trip to the Mexican town of Tequila inspired further investigation of the beverage's rol... read more

Mango-tequila ice: Nieve de mango con tequila Karen Hursh Graber

During the warm months in Mexico, a variety of tropical fruit-flavored ices are sold by vendors with pushcarts, usually stationed in the parks and in front of schools. In the zócalo - main squa... read more

A sweet tequila cocktail: Toreador Karen Hursh Graber

This chocolate-y concoction is Mexico's answer to the Brandy Alexander. Creamy and just a bit sweet, it makes a nice special-occasion drink. Any tequila may be used, although blanco (white) is preferab... read more

Cooking with tequila: Mexico's national drink moves into the kitchen - Part One Karen Hursh Graber

Part 2 Tequila: the name alone conjures up a variety of images associated with the Mexican cultural landscape. From its beginnings in the blue agave fields of Jalisco, to its consumption in h... read more

Tequila: not just Mexico's national drink! Tony Burton

The lovers of the curious will find plenty to whet their appetite (and satisfy their thirst) in the small western Mexico town of Tequila. The town lies in the shadow of an imposing 9000 foot volcano w... read more

So, you want to try tequila? Luis Dumois

"Oh, I don't know how Mexicans can drink something as strong as tequila!" I've heard that remark many times, a statement not entirely in line with what is happening nowadays with our national beverage... read more
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