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Charity begins at home Luis Dumois

( En Español: La Caridad Empieza En Casa) By: Ing. Luis Dumois Weeks ago, the world was shocked by the news arriving from Acteal, Chiapas. More than forty persons, including women and children, ... read more

Twilight on the Line: Underworlds and Politics at the U.S. - Mexico Border by Sebastian Rotella Norton Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The action never stops at the border. There is no other place like it on the globe. The international boundary stretches for almost two thousand miles, from the Pacific Ocean through the mountains, the deserts, the valleys of the Rio Grande to the Gulf of Mexico. The region is a vast world unto itself. And the westernmost, fourteen-mile strip between San Diego and Tijuana, the border's biggest and richest cities, is the most intense microcosm of that world. The U.S. Border Patrol records half a million yearly arrests of illegal immigrants here, accounting for almost half of all its arrests. read more

A small mound in the cemetery in Xoxocotlan, Mexico Stan Gotlieb

November first is children's day in the series of remembrances and festivities that are known as Dias de los Muertos (days of the dead). On this day, the souls of departed children migrate to the homes... read more

After the storm: Summer in Oaxaca Stan Gotlieb

This photo was taken in one of the few buildings left standing at Piña Palmera, on Zipolite beach. By now, the foot or so of mud on the floor has been mucked out. By now, also, relief should be reachi... read more

My search for the perfect bathroom Stan Gotlieb

Refugees from Loxicha, near Huatulco, brought their animals with them to the zocalo in Oaxaca. They set up a tarpaulin over a sewer grate for use as a bathroom. The governor did not invite them to use ... read more

Prostitution in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

We were suprised to read that prostitution is legal in predominately Catholic Mexico. This is not a moral or philosophical issue for us. We are curious as to the regulation of prostitution by the local and national goverments. Are prostitutes treated humanly (unlike what we've observed in India and Thailand where prostitution borders on slavery)? How is prostitution regulated in Mexico? read more

Political stability and other impressions Discussion Thread Forum

A front page article in today's Wall Street Journal suggests that the political situation in Mexico is extremely turblulent and unstable. It also suggests that there may be politically related violence in Mexico, with the possible result a deterioration in confidence in the Mexican economy. Any comment?? read more

Lake Chapala: Can Mexico's largest lake be saved? Tony Burton

Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest natural lake, is dying. The lake right now plays a vital role in a gigantic ecosystem, the River Lerma-Lake Chapala drainage basin, which includes more than 8 million peo... read more

Gays in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

I am gay and thinking of moving to Mexico. I would like to know what attitudes are like towards gays in Mexico. Also, I heard that there San Miguel de Allende has a "gay community". Is that true? Is San Miguel more accepting of gays than other places? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

read more

Mexico And Minimum Wage Discussion Thread Forum

We fear that if everyone who goes to Mexico is in the position to have multiple homes in various countries, not batting an eye at paying N. American prices for everything and anything, soon they will be the only ones that can afford Mexico. read more

Mexico is a noisy place Stan Gotlieb

Mexico is a noisy place. Unless your cave is very high up the mountain, far beyond human habitation, noise is an integral part of your life. Certain kinds of noises are universal, occurring with equ... read more

La Malinche - harlot or heroine? Shep Lenchek

  December 1997 "El Ojo del Lago" Guadalajara-Lakeside Volume 14, Number 4  With permission.   "La Malinche." Slave, interpreter, secretary, mistress, mother of the first "Mexican." her very name... read more

A Discussion about immigration Discussion Thread Forum

My sister in Morelia just finished getting her FM-3 in San Miguel de Allende this week, and she ís given me the latest report: read more

Mexico: a window on technology and the poor Gary Chapman

Over the Columbus Day weekend, I was in Mexico City, attending and speaking at a conference marking the founding of the Mexican chapter of the Internet Society. That was a potentially historic event i... read more

African Roots Stretch Deep Into Mexico Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez

March 3, 1996 -- In Mexico, various Indian peoples still play ancient instruments. And their songs and dances -- which tell of uprisings against their masters -- pay tribute to their ancestors. The... read more

Organic coffee in Mexico Stan Gotlieb and Diana Ricci

This piece was written in early 1995. A year later, pieces on why we should buy "organic" coffee were appearing regularly in the mainstream press. (The picture is of the ancient cedar in Tule, outside ... read more

Mexico's Native American peoples and the global economy Stan Gotlieb and Diana Ricci

I wrote his in early 1995. Thankfully, the decency and good will of the average Oaxacan had not vanished along with their purchasing power and hopes for the future. Teen age gangs, on the rise, have m... read more

Protest in Oaxaca: Watch out for the wind Stan Gotlieb

This was written around Christmas of 1994. The banner hangs outside an opposition union office in Oaxaca. After ten days, the occupation ended. The teachers, some ten thousand strong, went back home t... read more

How to survive - and stay - in Oaxaca Stan Gotlieb

This was written in 1994. How to survive - and stay - in Oaxaca, were very much on my mind. (The picture is of the Oaxaca State Band playing their Sunday concert in the zocalo.) Photography by Diana Ri... read more
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