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Holy Week and Easter Manuel España Ramos

LENT is very important in the lives of all Mexicans who profess the Catholic faith, and in a very special way the people of Ajijic. Lent means a time of penance, conversion, prayer and of ... read more

Lake Chapala religious services

All Saints Lutheran Church Worship Service 10:30 a.m 4600 Avenida Tepeyac, Guad. Tel. (013)121-67-41 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Services in English and Spanish ,10 am. Riberas del P... read more

The Day Of The Holy Cross - May 3rd Judy King

Each year on May 3rd processions of singing pilgrims carrying streamers and flowers wend their way through towns, cities and villages of Mexico to decorate the crosses along roadsides and on mountainto... read more

Our Lady of the Sorrows – Nuestra Señora de los Dolores Judy King

For many years, villages and towns in Mexico, have enacted special Biblical events and gathered to pray at specially erected altars to celebrate sacred figures on each of the Fridays of Lent. These spe... read more

Santa Elena, discoverer of the Holy Cross Judy King

My fascination with life and accomplishments of Santa Elena came to me accidentally this year, as I struggled to unravel the traditions and customs of one of Mexico's most popular Feast Days-May 3rd, t... read more

Living in Timucuy, Yucatan: birth, death and some in-between John G. Gladstein

The Setting Curanderismo The Inhabitants The Physical and Psychological Compadrazco The Beginning Love Is In the Air "I Do" The End of the Game Works Cited ... read more

Easter in Mexico: a blend of cultures Karen Blue

Santa Semana (Easter week) captured center stage last month in Ajijic. For me, it was a chance to really appreciate both the Mexican customs as well as enjoying some from back home. The celebrations o... read more

Sliced Iguana: Travels in Unknown Mexico by Isabella Tree Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Isabella Tree tells about her solitary travels to various parts of Mexico. Is this becoming a sort of literary sub-category - single ladies taking on the world? This book largely consists of a half dozen essays covering specific geographic areas that Ms. Tree visited, including Mexico City, Chiapas and Lake Pátzcuaro. My own personal favorite was "Holy Week," the one on San Miguel de Allende. read more

The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The story is based on an actual event in Mexican history when, in 1926, then President Calles began a persecution of the Roman Catholic Church by burning churches and killing priests and, in general, creating a Godless country. The reason for the persecution was what the government called the Church's greed and debauchery. The campaign was more successful in some states than in others. Tabasco was the most rabid persecutor and the Governor, Tomas Garrido Canabal, actually drove every priest out of the state. Canabal was determined to show that a well-run society was possible without allowing any place for religion. Churches were destroyed and the stones used to pave roads. To protect the populace he also outlawed alcohol and jazz. The importation of saxophones was banned. One follower was so devoted to the cause he carried a business card which explained that he was the personal enemy of God. In some cases a citizen could be severely penalized for saying "Adios" simply because it referred to God. read more

The Mennonites: a Dutch heritage in Mexico Cindy Ritmeester

The diversity of the Mexican population never ceases to amaze me. Whether being in Mexico City, Mazatlan, Oaxaca or Palenque I always admire the beautiful Mexican faces ranging from light to mocha to c... read more

The five faces of God: Mexico's Sierra Gorda missions Bill Begalke

They are known as the missions of the Sierra Gorda.

There are others he constructed, to be sure; the California missions are famous around the world. But the most splendid of all of Serra's missions, the ones in Mexico, are themselves a paradox.

These particularly marvelous monuments rest among the mountains in Queretaro state, all within a few minutes drive of each other. They are the crowning jewels of the pueblos of Jalpan, Concá, Tilaco, Landa, and Tancoyol.

read more

The Virgin of Guadalupe celebration in Oaxaca Barbara Lyons-Perez

Guadalupe is the mother of all Mexicans, the savior and succor of the indigenous spirit, protectress of the poor, dark, ailing and humble. She is the Dark Madonna of Indian features, who appeared just after the invasion by the white-skinned Europeans. She is miraculous and comforting, the emotional support to a conquered nation, orphaned from their pantheon of gods and spirits of nature. read more

Faith: The heart of Mexican fiestas Cat Gonzales

The Calendario de las Ferias y Festividades Religiosas de Mexico is a guide to enjoying what is uniquely Mexican -- Folk Catholicism which evolved in the last four centuries. Fairs are included ... read more

The Virgin of Zapopan: Her visit to Lake Chapala Judy King

Well, She came out to the lake again last Sunday. Driving in a specialized open car, The Virgin of Zapopan and the Bishop came from Her home, the Basilica of Zapopan to spend the day at the lake, bring... read more

The Catholic Church in Mexico: Triumphs and traumas Shep Lenchek

It is a tribute to the sincerity and strength of the faith of the Mexican people, that Catholicism, is still the dominant religion in this land south of the Rio Grande. Time after time, the Catholic Ch... read more

Jews in Mexico. a struggle for survival: Part Three Shep Lenchek

Survivors. The very word has connotations of persecution, repression, hardship and escape. It also describes people with courage, stamina, the ability to adapt and almost always a moral strength and c... read more

Jews in Mexico, a struggle for survival: Part Two Shep Lenchek

The vast majority of the approximately 50,000 Mexican citizens who practice Judaism via organized congregations are descendents of people who, from 1881 to 1939, found life-saving refuge in this countr... read more

Jews in Mexico, a struggle for survival: Part One Shep Lenchek

The survival of Judaism in Mexico is a tale of tenacity and tolerance. The story begins in Spain with the "Conversos", Jews who had converted to Christianity, always under duress. It starts in 600 AD,... read more

When the Church said "No" to chocolate Ann Ball

Chocolate, that perennial favorite, has been accused of being sinfully delicious, overly fattening, and the precursor to teenage complexion problems. Its history is intertwined with religion, and at on... read more

Exvotos: Folk art and expressions of faith in Mexico Richard Ferguson

In Mexico, an exvoto is most commonly a personal thank you note to God. read more

Fiesta de Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta Wendy Devlin

Felipe Avila handed me his burning candle, converting me from spectator to pilgrim in the Fiesta de Guadalupe! My arrival in Puerto Vallarta coincided with the beginning of the weeklong Fiesta de Guad... read more

La Quinceañera: a celebration of budding womanhood Dale Hoyt Palfrey

The transition from childhood to womanhood is a significant passage for adolescent girls in almost all cultures. In Mexico, it is marked with the celebration of the Quinceañera, or 15th Birthday. From... read more
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