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Chocolate floating island: Sopa de chocolate Karen Hursh Graber

A Mexican version of the French Oeufs à la Niege - "snowy eggs" - this recipe reflects the French influence brought about by the ill-fated reign of Maximilian and Carlotta, who were held in far higher... read more

When the Church said "No" to chocolate Ann Ball

Chocolate, that perennial favorite, has been accused of being sinfully delicious, overly fattening, and the precursor to teenage complexion problems. Its history is intertwined with religion, and at on... read more

Refried beans: Frijoles refritos Karen Hursh Graber

Ingredients 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) black or pinto beans, cooked 10 Tbs. oil Chiles gueros or wax chiles Start by toasting the chiles over a low flame or on a comal (or griddle) until the skins beg... read more

Mexican seafood in parchment paper: Mariscos empapelados Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican seafood in parchment paper is a wonderfully easy, informal dish — great for picnics, barbeques, or grilling on the beach. The seafood packets can be prepared ahead of time, kept in a cooler, ... read more

Zacatecas cowboy stew: Puchero vaquero de Zacatecas Karen Hursh Graber

This stew, a product of Mexico's cattle ranches, originally utilized just about any part of the cow that was available, including the udders. It is a simple, tasty one-pot meal that reflects the lifest... read more

Big Mama Salad

How to Prepare:  Making this salad is as easy as sin and twice the fun. 1/2 head of finely chopped green or purple cabbage (I use a coarse blade and chop mine in the Cuisinart) 1 grated m... read more

Chihuahua-style roast turkey: Pavo al horno estilo Chihuahua Karen Hursh Graber

Northern Mexico is the home of a large turkey industry. Recent years have seen the increase in birds known as doble pechuga - literally "double-breasted" - because of their high proportion of wh... read more

Grilled turkey breast: Pechuga de pavo a las brasas Karen Hursh Graber

Chihuahua's capital, also called Chihuahua, is famous for its restaurants which specialize in food prepared on large grills, or brasas. This is a good recipe for those who eat white meat only, o... read more

Yucatecan-Style Beans: Frijoles Estilo Yucateco Karen Hursh Graber

Since pre-Hispanic times, the Maya people of the Yucatan have eaten either the black beans known as buul or the larger, light-colored beans called ibes, usually cooked in water in which chiles have bee... read more

Bean-smothered tortillas: Enfrijoladas Karen Hursh Graber

Enfrijoladas, which can be made with any kind of bean on hand, are eaten all over Mexico. They are the classic, inexpensive meal prepared with nothing more than cooked beans, tortillas, and whatever to... read more

Veracruz-style black beans: Frijoles negros a la veracruzana Karen Hursh Graber

The small, distinctively-flavored black beans of Veracruz which so charmed the tastebuds of the early Spanish settlers are still famous throughout Mexico for their high-quality, tenderness and taste. The method of preparation is typical of the eastern coastal area of the country. read more

Mexican cowboy beans: Frijoles charros Karen Hursh Graber

A Norteño dish originating in Tamaulipas, this is the classic accompaniment to the grilled beef dishes of northern Mexico. It is an ideal make-ahead dish, especially good with barbeque, improvi... read more

Adobo: a Mexican seasoning sauce for shrimp, chicken, rabbit or meat Karen Hursh Graber

Adobo is a traditional seasoning sauce and arinade based on the chile ancho. This recipe was given to me by Estela Salas Silva. Having learned the culinary arts from her grandmother, Chef Doña Eulogia... read more

Beef roullades in green mole: Bistec relleno con mole verde Karen Hursh Graber

Ingredients: For the beef roullades: thinly sliced beef raw bacon and ham, sliced into strips raw potato, cut french fry style string beans cut into 1" pieces ... read more

Watermelon water: Agua de sandia Karen Hursh Graber

Succulent watermelon tempts shoppers in a Mexican tianguis, or traveling street market. A favorite with kids, this drink is similiar in preparation to the one made with cantaloupe. However, because ... read more

Sweet treats from Mexico: Los dulces Karen Hursh Graber

Dulces típicos — traditional Mexican candies — for sale in a street market
© Daniel Wheeler, 2010
Mexico's vast array of dulcerías (candy stores) panaderías (bakeries) pastelerías and bizcocherías (shops that feature displays of enormous, intricately decorated cakes for special occasions) all give testimony to the national sweet tooth. I have been in pueblos so small that there is only one phone in town, but there always seems to be a dulcería with a great variety of candies stacked to the ceiling. read more

Tacos al vapor Karen Hursh Graber

A delicious and authentic recipe for tacos al vapor made with chicken breasts. read more

Savory dinner loaves: Mochos Karen Hursh Graber

These elegant loaves, mildly flavored with onion and garlic, reflect the sophistication that the French influence brought to Mexican baking. They are served as an accompaniment to the cream soup course... read more

Three kings sweet bread: Rosca de reyes Karen Hursh Graber

Rosca is the name given to any ring-shaped bread or cookie. This sweet bread was once used by the friars to evangelize: a small doll, representing the Christ child, is baked right in the bread- "hidden", to symbolize the hiding of the infant from King Herod's troops on the day of Los Santos Inocentes, the Holy Innocents. This treat is traditionally served on the festive Three Kings Day, when the children receive their toys. Whoever gets the slice of rosca with the doll in it has to provide the tamales and atole for the next party, on Candlemas. read more

French rolls: Bolillos Karen Hursh Graber

These crispy- crusted rolls, a favorite with foreign visitors to Mexico, are also known as tortas, after the hefty sandwiches that are often made with them, and teleras when they are scored in three se... read more

Harvest cornpatch soup: Sopa de milpa Karen Hursh Graber

Milpa means "cornfield," and this soup incorporates not only corn, but a medley of other Tlaxcalan produce abundant at this time of year. Although fresh nopales are preferable, they are availabl... read more

Meat steamed in maguey leaves: Mixiotes Karen Hursh Graber

The word mixiotes refers to one of the most delectable dishes within the wide spectrum of Mexican cooking, as well as the wrapping used to contain these steamed individual meat stews. This wrap... read more

Chicken in green mole: Pollo en mole verde Karen Hursh Graber

A mole is a stew which incorprates ground chiles, seeds, and sometimes nuts. The basis of a mole verde is the tomate verde, called a "tomatillo" north of the border. In Mexi... read more

Stuffed chiles in walnut sauce: Chiles en nogada Karen Hursh Graber

There are probably about as many recipes for this dish as there are cooks in Puebla, where it originated. It is always associated with September, el mes patrio, because it features the red, whit... read more

Stewed pork with chipotle on tostadas: Tinga poblana Karen Hursh Graber

Tinga is a basically a stewed pork dish, cooked with a chipotle sauce and most commonly served on tostadas. A chipotle is a dried jalapeño with a wonderful, smokey flavor. The ... read more
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