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A cabin near Puerto Vallarta David Kimball

Seven US presidents were born in log cabins. The most notable, of course, was Lincoln. During elections, all of them were quick to remind the public of their humble frontier origins with fulsome refere... read more

Mexico real estate: Beach bargains in Baja Patti Morrow

I looked at him with what could only be described as pure skepticism. "Affordable, direct ocean view Mexico real estate and just steps from the beach?" I said. "Show me." As realtor and expat Max Katz... read more

Investing in Mexico: Risk or opportunity? Jeffrey Steele

Whether it's an exclusive, modern hotel on a beach, a boutique hostelry built into a 17th Century hacienda, or a simple bed-and-breakfast in a beguiling resort town, you're likely to find prices and packages more affordable these days.

Mexico is always less costly for Americans, given its proximity to the U.S., but fits budgets even better today, given the recent publicity it has unfairly endured.

What's true of hotels is also likely to be true of airfare, restaurant meals, tour plans and all-inclusive deals. For a holiday that's truly easy on the wallet, there may never have been a better time to consider Mexico than right now. read more

A young Canadian entrepreneur finds her niche in Mexico real estate and travel Mexconnect Staff

While many leave Mexico to seek their fortune North of the Border, for a number of expats, Mexico is a land of opportunity. In addition, beautiful landscapes, the warmth of the people here and year-round sunshine just make it better. Mexico is attracting thousands of retirees from the US, Canada and farther afield. For a young woman from British Columbia, these expats became a part of her opportunity. read more

Will mold be a problem in Mexican real estate? J. Brad Grieve

When you rent or purchase Mexico real estate, you'll find that construction techniques as well as climate are probably very different from what you are accustomed to. Will you struggle with mold in your Mexican home? read more

Your vacation home in Mexico can make money for you Mexconnect Staff

  A winter condo in Palm Beach, a vacation house at Lake Taho or a summer cottage in the country… How about a beautiful villa on the beach in sunny Mexico? Who doesn't like to get away for extend... read more

Mexico real estate: Who is at fault? J. Brad Grieve

As it is anywhere else, real estate is a major investment. What about shifting foundations due to the earth's movements? Who is at fault? This is not a discussion of legal liability but rather a discussion of geology.

In Mexico, the term "fault" has been used to describe a special soil condition that has caused damage to some homes here at Lake Chapala. The damage was generally caused by an uneven settlement of the foundations. read more

Living well at the Hacienda Beach Club & Residences Darian Day and Michael Fitzpatrick

Swimming pool at Hacienda Beach Club & Residences in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
© Darian Day and Michael Fitzpatrick, 2011
The Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is balanced gracefully on the edge of the Sea of Cortez, on the shore of Medano Beach — arguably the premiere swimming beach in all of Los Cabos. Fringed with the white lace of the surf, its waters, transition smoothly to the aquamarines of tropical greens and blues, then recede into the depths of the deeper blues just beyond the boats anchored offshore. Most special, the Hacienda lays claim to what are probably the most stunning vistas of Land's End, Cabo's iconic rugged outcroppings that mark the end of the long Baja peninsula. read more

Where Canadians are buying real estate in Mexico Chad Martin

It is no secret that Canadians love Mexico; for years, thousands of Canadians have been fleeing cold winters to the warm beaches and colonial towns of Mexico. Over the past few years, more and more Canadians have called Mexico their home.

read more

Is Mexico safe? What can I do? J. Brad Grieve

Readers often ask, "Is Mexico safe? Can I do anything about it?" Security anywhere can be a very sensitive issue, and security in Mexico is no exception. Sometimes we need to rethink how to keep our homes safe. There is much that we can do. read more

Capital gains tax on Mexico real estate: Impuesto sobre la renta J. Brad Grieve

In Mexico, the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the Impuesto Sobre la Renta (ISR), which is paid by the seller of the property. It translates to a tax upon rent, profit, yield or income and in other financial circles it is called an income tax. In recent years, Mexico's federal government had modified the regulations governing the Impuesto Sobre la Renta. read more

Pancho Villa, plumbing and Mexico real estate J. Brad Grieve

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting with some of my wife's family in northern Mexico. The old house where we stayed is approaching 100 years in age. I won't say the plumbing was poor, but the real estate was obviously dated and there were some noted problems and historical issues with the plumbing. read more

Where the Sky is Born: Living in the Land of the Maya Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This is the story about Jeanine Lee Kitchel and her husband, Paul, who made their first trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in 1985 and fell in love instantly with the place. They had visited various parts of Mexico before that and were quite taken with the country. But the Yucatan beaches were of a different order. read more

Architecture of Mexico: the hacienda Tim Street-Porter

The haciendas were the landed estates of Mexico, some with territories as big as Belgium. For visitors to Mexico, they conjure up surreal images of ruined palaces; still possessing a faded grandeur, dominating a desolate landscape of cactus and agave. Before the revolution of 1910, when their lands were confiscated, the haciendas' collective power was enormous. Each one was a rural, autonomous social unit with its own history, and for each, myths accumulate over the centuries. read more

Buying our Mexico dream property on Cozumel David Hammer

As I walked through the hotel lobby, the weight of the three hundred $100 bills sewn to the waist band of my Jockey shorts pulled my underpants down over my small rear. The money was hanging at my knees. As inconspicuous as a penguin waddling through the hotel lobby at high noon, I could easily have been mistaken for an amateur drug smuggler. When I approached the front desk, the clerk asked, "Qué le parece un caja de seguridad?" I knew my cover was blown when he offered me a Safe-deposit Box. It had been a long trip read more

Mexico Real Estate: buying renting and owning property or homes in Mexico Index Page

Mexico makes it easy for foreigners to own property. Inland, they can hold a direct title to their Mexico real estate. In the prohibited zones — including prized beach areas — expats can own real e... read more

How do summer rains affect Mexico real estate in Lake Chapala? J. Brad Grieve

As the rains begin, there is that smell of wet earth, as the layers of dust and grunge slowly melt off the roofs and sidewalks and wash into the streets. The showers quickly became a very intense rain. It comes down in torrents that overflow through the village and make certain streets look like the arroyos that, in some cases, they once were. How does this affect your Mexico real estate? read more

Mexico real estate: timeshares J. Brad Grieve

This may not sound like a Mexico real estate or home maintenance issue, but I thought my experience was worth sharing. Recently, my wife and I purchased a Mexico vacation package offered by our bank. A... read more

Investing to sell your Mexico real estate J. Brad Grieve

What are the best things to do when renovating a home to sell in order to maximize the return on the effort and money invested in renovations with the best sale price?

Some of the best investments are the simplest and overall the least expensive to do. read more

Traps in your Mexico house J. Brad Grieve

Example of Mexican contemporary-colonial architecture.
© Donald J. MacKay, 2009
When we think of the word trap, we usually think of the small apparatus used to catch mice or something sinister to capture and / or injure a soldier during war. But the traps I want to address in this article are the drain traps in the plumbing of your Mexico house. A trap is an element in drains. read more

Mi Pullman: remodeling a Mexican Art Nouveau townhouse III Ros Chenery

This is the third installment in a story about my love affair with an old house in Mexico. One day I found myself standing in front of a beautiful three story, art nouveau town house. It was shabby, obviously neglected, and unlived in, but it had certain magic about it, which captured both my imagination and my heart. I knew, in that moment and with great certainly, that one day I would buy it. read more

Propane gas is the norm for hot water, cooking and heating in your Mexico home J. Brad Grieve

Gas is an important element in homes here in Mexico — propane gas. We use it to cook our food, heat our water, occasionally to heat our homes and dry our clothes. Now remember that this is not natur... read more

Annual home maintenance in Mexico J. Brad Grieve

Spring is the time for home maintenance before the summer rains. What annual issues have you been putting off that you should be reviewing, repairing or replacing? From water purification systems to leaky roofs to cisterns and water tanks, it's often the little things that can cause problems. I think it is safe to say that everybody has a screw loose… somewhere in the house. read more

Mexico real estate and the recession J. Brad Grieve

Village street on Mexico's Chapala Lakeshore
North of the border, the real estate market has been influenced by the limited amount of credit available, causing banks to defer or decline applications for credit. On the other side of the equation, most homes in the area do not have mortgages, and the seller owns the home free and clear. read more

Expat living in Mexico: Xalapa vs. Ajijic Donald J. MacKay

Reports written some years ago about Jalapa, (or Xalapa as the locals prefer to spell it) Veracruz in MexConnect caught my eye. These tout the pleasant climate, cultural attractions, the presence of un... read more
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