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The Sky Is Falling J. Brad Grieve

Once the rainwater drains off the roof, where is the water going? After two strong rainfalls in Guadalajara, I was up on my father-in-law's roof last weekend to help a contractor from Chapala clean an... read more

Is a flat roof really flat? J. Brad Grieve

It is there above us, protecting us from the sun, the wind and the rain however; generally we are not worried about our roofs until we see water leaking through it. Typically, roofs he... read more

Septic systems J. Brad Grieve

For the average new homebuyer, there is nothing more horrifying than the thought of buying a home with a septic system. This hidden, underground system seems to conjure up thoughts of backyards flooded... read more

Soils and foundations J. Brad Grieve

Ever considered the base on which your house is sitting. Yes, there is a foundation between you and the surrounding soils. In general there are stone foundations bound with mortar mixture to help keep ... read more

Care and maintenance of the fireplace J. Brad Grieve

As I write this month's article, I am sitting beside a wood stove in a cabin by a frozen lake in Ontario. So this article's topic becomes very tangible and important, especially because I want to keep ... read more

What is a home inspector? J. Brad Grieve

The objective of writing this column is to act independently and discuss the typical property ownership/maintenance issues and real estate concerns for existing and perspective homeowners here at Lake ... read more

Water distribution systems J. Brad Grieve

For many newcomers, the water distribution systems here in Mexico are different from water supply they are used to in the rest of North America. In the case of a typical home in Canada or the USA, the... read more

How much electricity am I using? J. Brad Grieve

It seems last month's article regarding our electrical bills touched a lot of people here in my reading audience. Thank you for you kind comments and questions. I wanted to expand a little more regardi... read more

Why hasn't my home sold? J. Brad Grieve

An important factor is the condition of the house. This relates back to the general appearance of the home and those important first impressions.   With this month's edition I want to touch on some ... read more

Electrical surges and spikes J. Brad Grieve

We see them in just about every house here at Lake Chapala. Sometimes they are humming and others quietly sit in a corner, showing a little light on. But all are on guard, protecting our electronic dev... read more

Salitre: a form of masonry cancer? J. Brad Grieve

Salitre is the Spanish term commonly used for masonry “efflorescence.” Salitre is the white powdery stain that forms on the surface of bricks and concrete and can cause the stucco or paint o... read more

Cracks in masonry J. Brad Grieve

No, this is not an article about an additive drug, a quick glib joke or that exposed skin area of the refrigerator repairman's lower back, as he crouches down in front of you. This article is about mas... read more

The Lake Chapala real estate market J. Brad Grieve

Between 2003 and 2006 , the average sale price of Mexico real estate in the Lake Chapala area increased by approximately 69%. read more

How much are you paying for electricity? J. Brad Grieve

After studying many homes here at Lake Chapala, it is interesting to learn to how much electricity each home uses and, more interesting, how much the home owner is paying for their electricity. Electr... read more

The impact of currency exchange rates on your Mexican property Thomas Wright

There is a way to protect yourself from currency fluctuations that may increase the cost of your property. The worldwide foreign exchange market is huge, with average daily turnover totaling approxima... read more

The Impact of Currency Exchange Rates on Your Mexican Property: What to look out for and how to protect yourself Thomas Wright

There is a way to protect yourself from currency fluctuations that may increase the cost of your property. The worldwide foreign exchange market is huge, with average daily turnover totaling approx... read more

Gringos In Paradise Reviewed by James Tipton

If you live in the states and are thinking about living in Mexico, read this book. If you are thinking about building a house in Mexico, read this book. If you are thinking about retiring, read this book. If you already live in Mexico, read this book. read more

Home construction methods in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

My wife and I are hoping to build a small (600-900 sq ft) house just north of Zihuatanejo this winter. (If we can sell our townhouse here.)I've been learning a bit about construction methods that involve building a house with "Lego-like" pieces that are made of styrofoam or polystyrene. read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - August 1999


Mexico real estate: where there's a will there's a way Raoul Rodriguez-Walters

What's the Plan Man? We all have a "Plan" that distributes the property we own when we pass away. The difference is that some of us are familiar with our plan, others are not. Those with foresight hav... read more

U.S. tax obligations related to the sale of Mexican real estate Raoul Rodriguez-Walters

"How can I obtain a capital gains, or homestead, tax exemption on the sale of my Mexican real estate?" is one of the most frequently asked questions by expatriate residents of San Miguel when they cont... read more

Uncle Sam has something to say about your Mexican home Raoul Rodriguez-Walters

Like many a traveller, you've come to Puerto Vallarta, let's say from from Portland, Oregon, looking for an escape from the cold and the office. A little romance in a tropical paradise would be nice to... read more

Renovating our Morelia house Hank Duckman

We passed through the Mexican customs station just south of the Laredo border crossing at 5:30 a.m. It was still dark. The car was crammed with things we were going to need before our major shipment of... read more
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