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Ask an old gringo about Frida Kahlo, Mexico contradictions, colorful protests Marvin West

Land's End at Cabo San Lucas
© Joe Cummings, 1998
I repeat: Contrary to rumor, many years and extensive travels in Mexico do not qualify me as a know-it-all, A-1 infallible expert. I apologize if I have faked you out.

I do try to answer all questions or redirect them to more knowledgeable sources. I thoroughly enjoy most exchanges with readers. I offer a few from time to time in a basic conversion to pesos (not many).

Question: How bad are things in Cabo? Answer: Cabo San Lucas, at the south end of Baja California Sur, took a hard hit from Hurricane Odile. The storm knocked out electricity which knocked out other services.

Some tourists got wet and inconvenienced. Vacations were spoiled but no lives were lost. Resort owners will likely recover. Little people are hurting. Tourism is the primary industry. No tourists, no jobs, no pesos...

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Ask an old gringo about Octavio Paz, Mexico reforms, giant fish tank, price break Marvin West

Spanish edition of The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz
Octavio Paz was a thinker, poet, writer and diplomat. Mexico's Congress has declared this "The Year of Octavio Paz" a century after his birth and 16 years after his death.

He was good enough to get the Nobel Prize for literature in 1990. In his most famous essay, "The Labyrinth of Solitude," Paz addressed the complexity of the Mexican mind. read more

Ask an old gringo about Mexico economy, Guerrero recovery, anchovy gelato and Yescka Marvin West

Cliff divers at Acapulco carry on the famous tradition of cliff diving
© Gerry  Soroka, 2009
It appears much of the world is very interested in Mexico. A surprising number of Mexconnect readers asked the old gringo about the economy, reforms, boats, Guerrero recovery, Michaocan dangers — and hospitality.
Some questions are far out. One asked about anchovy gelato. Another asked about Yescka. That got my undivided attention... read more

Ask an old gringo: Mexico questions about tuna war, holidays, spelling errors and dinosaurs Marvin West

A young and smiling calavera
© Geri Anderson 2007

Question: What holidays are big in Mexico?

Answer: Oh boy, judging by the joy and noise, Mexicans celebrate dozens of giant holidays. Most any excuse is good for a day off from work, a neighborhood fiesta and late-night fireworks.

The Day of the Dead is not a conventional holiday but it is an intriguing cultural event. My Mexican friends describe it as beautiful, magical, mystical, religious and pagan — all at the same time...

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Ask an old gringo about Mexican happiness, jobs for foreigners, Mormon mother, books in English Marvin West

Happiness is not tied to job promotions, Mercedes super cars and mansions on mountaintops. Expectations are generally lower. Many do not enter the rat race. Strange as it sounds, family, good food, good times and a sip of tequila are more important than pesos... read more

Ask an old gringo about Mexico taxes, cars, health, welfare and vacations Marvin West

Street scene in Sayulita, a beach town on the Mexican Pacific coast
© Christina Stobbs, 2012
Question: Where do you go for vacation when you live your life on vacation?

Answer: That is a misleading implication. Retirement in Mexico is fun and we are grateful. Winter weather is wonderful where we live. Flowers bloom. Strawberries are inexpensive and very tasty. Alas, every day is not a perfect holiday. read more

Ask the old gringo about Mexico welcome mat, value system, jail time and hot billboard Marvin West

Officials of the beach community of Puerto Escondido, in the state of Oaxaca, threw a December party to celebrate foreigners. A few hundred attended. Free food and drink remains an exciting lure. Mexican dignitaries were there and many immigration personnel worked the crowd, nice to meet you, so glad you are here. There were music, smiles and handshakes. A good time was had by all. How's that for welcome? read more

Ask the old gringo about ocean-front property, butterflies, boxing and the next Mexico crisis Marvin West

No question about this, the monarchs are coming, the monarchs are coming from Canada and the United States to the massive butterfly campgrounds in the mountain ranges of Michoacan. read more

Ask the old gringo about Mexico green energy, sexy models, police protection Marvin West

Kiosk in the plaza of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico 
© Renée J. LaPerrière de Gutiérrez
Question: I have read about the millions or billions the U.S. has lost on solar investments that went bankrupt. How is Mexico doing on green energy? read more

Ask an old gringo about Mexico education, politics and miracle cures Marvin West

For some strange reason, an unusual assortment of questions about Mexico education appeared in my e-mailbox. It could be the world has heard about De Panzazo, the new documentary loaded with enough blame to go around. read more

Ask the old gringo about Americanization of holidays, Mexico freedom of the press and marriage tryouts Marvin West

A modern store in Plaza Manzanillo shopping center appeals to residents and tourists in this Mexican Pacific port city. © Donald MacKay, 2011
One reader asked a generic "Anything going on?" which gives me a different opening: Indeed there is. It appears that Mexican holidays are undergoing Americanization. read more

Ask an old gringo about Mexico changes, obesity and whale sharks Marvin West

Question: The Pan-Am Games are scheduled for October. Is excitement building?

Answer: Yes. The games were awarded in 2006 with considerable fanfare. Carlos Andrade Garin says all 23 stadiums will be 100-percent ready — just in time. Carlos also says Mexico will present "the greatest games every held" for about one third the cost that Canada has budgeted for the 2015 games. Emilio Gonzalez Marquez, governor of Jalisco, says "security won't be an obstacle..."

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Ask an old gringo about Mexico border smiles, Barbie dolls and captured catapults Marvin West

Question: There is so much bad news along the border. Does anybody ever smile?

Answer: Of course — and sometimes we laugh out loud. With all hell breaking loose around them, Border Patrol agents in the Juarez region caught a crowd of bad Barbie dolls trying to sneak into the United States. read more

Ask an old gringo about oil, Mexico doctors, Bimbo Marvin West

Nobody asked about holidays in Mexico so I just won't tell you but I will say happy 2011. And please wish us luck for the Pan Am Games coming to Guadalajara in October. Cross your fingers that arenas and housing will be ready in time. read more

Ask an old gringo about Mexico, micheladas, color TV Marvin West

Self Portrait, 1940
Is Mexico moving forward or back? Perspective please. Do they sell Brita water filters in Mexico? Do they purify street water so you can drink it? Can it possibly be true that a Mexican invented color television? What are micheladas? I just heard a tidbit about Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. How did they get back into the news? read more

Ask the old gringo about 2010, Mexican police, the rainy season Marvin West

I've been to Mexico only in the winter. What is the rainy season like? Answer: Beautiful. Where we live, everything, from mountains to front yards, switches from brown to a lovely shade of green. Lake Chapala gets a much-needed gulp of new water and rises up to gently lap at the new malecones along the north shore. In theory, it only rains at night. We're not talking drizzles. There are downpours. Thunder rattles windows and lightening over the lake is at least awesome. There have been times I actually uncovered my eyes and ears and took it all in. read more

Ask an old gringo: crime, sports, Starbucks and the Mexican roof dog Marvin West

Question: What is a Mexican roof dog?

Answer: Glad you asked. It is a low-budget form of homeland security, a four-legged alarm placed on flat roofs of homes and businesses to look down on and discourage intruders, door-to-door salesmen and other nuisances.

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Ask an old gringo: symbolism, police, education, and the Virgin Marvin West

This old gringo, from time to time, receives a flurry of comments and questions. Many are predictable. Where should I visit? How much does it cost? How's the weather in January? Is it safe to drive? ... read more

Ask an old gringo: economy, retirement and the drug business Marvin West

Questions and answers about life in Mexico. read more

Ask an old gringo: health care, bureaucracy, bike paths and Christmas gifts Marvin West

Questions and answers about life in Mexico. read more

Ask an old gringo: Easter, cobblestones and WalMart Marvin West

Questions and answers about life in Mexico. read more

Ask an old gringo: holidays, drug war, mariachis and street vendors Marvin West

Questions and answers about life in Mexico. read more

Ask an old gringo: Mexico City, Cancun and moving to Mexico Marvin West

Questions and answers about life in Mexico read more

Ask an old gringo: NASCAR, tortilla prices and the border fence Marvin West

Questions and answers about life in Mexico. read more

Ask an old gringo: Copper Canyon, poverty, and becoming a Mexican citizen Marvin West

Questions and answers about life in Mexico read more
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