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Letters to the editor Stan Gotlieb

Stan offers relevant comments by readers -- and sometimes answers them   Since going on the World Wide Web, I have received many letters from readers of my column. Reprinted below i... read more

Oaxaca Newsletter issue 14 Stan Gotlieb

"BORDERING ON CHAOS": READ IT, BUT BE A SKEPTIC Andres Oppenheimer, a Central America hand reporting for the Miami Herald, has put out a very interesting book on the roots -- and likely outcome -- of ... read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - October 2000


Going beyond party websites in face of the 2000 elections Ron Mader

Mexico's upcoming elections in July will be scrutinized by everyone in the nation and the world, including the national and international press, academics, research institutions, and Mexican intellectu... read more

The Mexicans: A personal portrait of a people Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Author Oster's portraits make this an excellent account of a timeless and yet changing Mexico. His approach is to focus on twenty varied individuals and use them as a reason to discuss the larger issues they represent. read more

Alone at the top: The achievement of Mexico's Alvaro Obregon Jim Tuck

Revolution is the ultimate test for survival of the fittest. In times of stormy social change, intense competition is generated among leaders of forces seeking that change and, inevitably, one man emer... read more

High hopes, baffling uncertainty: Mexico nears the millennium Jim Tuck

The election that brought Miguel de la Madrid's successor to power was clearly fraudulent. On July 6, 1988, when the first results began to arrive at the interior ministry's office on Avenida Bucareli,... read more

Pancho Villa 1878-1923

Mexconnect writers explore the many faces of Francisco "Pancho" Villa, a key figure in the Mexican Revolution. read more

Inside, outside: The costs of negotiation in Mexico, and the costs of avoiding it Joel Estudillo Rendon

In late 1998, the Mexican political system showed definite signs of democratic progress. For the second time, the executive power was forced to negotiate with the legislative power on its 1999 plan for... read more

Mexico Way by Robert Moss Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Bob Culbertson, a Border Patrol chief, is chasing Mexican border crossers somewhere in Texas when a light aircraft in obvious difficulties flies overhead and then crashes in the scrub. Culbertson and his partner go to investigate and find two dead men and 40 or 50 bags of cocaine in the aircraft. One of the men has a satchel with a pouch in it. When he examines it, he finds a collection of government documents which he believes are CIA papers. read more

Twilight on the Line: Underworlds and Politics at the U.S. - Mexico Border by Sebastian Rotella Norton Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The action never stops at the border. There is no other place like it on the globe. The international boundary stretches for almost two thousand miles, from the Pacific Ocean through the mountains, the deserts, the valleys of the Rio Grande to the Gulf of Mexico. The region is a vast world unto itself. And the westernmost, fourteen-mile strip between San Diego and Tijuana, the border's biggest and richest cities, is the most intense microcosm of that world. The U.S. Border Patrol records half a million yearly arrests of illegal immigrants here, accounting for almost half of all its arrests. read more

Political stability and other impressions Discussion Thread Forum

A front page article in today's Wall Street Journal suggests that the political situation in Mexico is extremely turblulent and unstable. It also suggests that there may be politically related violence in Mexico, with the possible result a deterioration in confidence in the Mexican economy. Any comment?? read more

Truth in packaging: Mexico elections in 1994 Stan Gotlieb

In a place where the image of something can attain more significance than its substance, the propaganda war is waged without letup. Just like at home... (The wall of the governor's official residence, ... read more
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