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The Mayan Civilization Time Line Luis Dumois

Based on the 'Mystery of the Maya'   OVERVIEW B.C. 1000-1000 Olmec ... read more

The Maya civilization: Historical conflict Luis Dumois

There is no truth in the words of foreigners. Chilam Balam of Chumayel The news arrives every day: accusations of menacing maneuvers by the Mexican army in Chiapas, proclamations an... read more

A day at Labna: An ancient Maya city in Yucatan Luis Dumois

For the thousandth time, the automobile was stuck in the road. Damn! Things were much worse than we'd imagined. I opened the car door and stepped down to see how to get us out from the hole in which we... read more

Cenote daydreams, Yucatan, Mexico Wendy Devlin

Recollections of stunning ruins, fantastic snorkelling, exquisite food and friendly people. The Yucatan is unlike any other region of Mexico. It has unique terrain, climate, cuisine and peop... read more

The Classic Period - Part 3: The Maya Dale Hoyt Palfrey

The Maya make up the largest homogenous group of Indians north of Peru, inhabiting a vast area that encompasses Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and parts of the states of Tabasco and Chiapas, as well as Gua... read more

Chaya, the Maya miracle plant Sophie Annan Jensen

Chaya plant © Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, 2009 Updated in October, 2009 "Here is a contribution of the unforgettable Maya Indians, whom we have abandoned," is the wistful introd... read more
Showing 51—56 of 56 results
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