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Wild Bill discovers Mexico's Costa Esmeralda — the Emerald Coast of Veracruz William B. Kaliher

Wild Bill is a seventy-six year-old expatriate enjoying his motor home and life in relative seclusion at Quinta Alicia Trailer Park on the palm covered coast of Costa Esmeralda, Mexico. Retired from bo... read more

Stretching Social Security checks in Mexico Marvin West

Larry Herman and his best friend Lynda escaped subsidized senior housing, packed suitcases and moved to Mexico — even though neither one had ever been south of the border.
They stayed in Bucerias for a month and explored the area by bus.
Their modest apartment in Sayulita, one block from the beach, costs them about $500 U.S. per month, depending on the exchange rate the day you pay. read more

Dealing with insects in your Mexico house and garden J. Brad Grieve

Bugs like tropical shrubs and palm thatching
Cockroaches, scorpions, earwigs, mosquitoes, termites, beetles, ants and even fleas, present different challenges to homeowners here in tropical Mexico. They are part of the dark side of our little paradise read more

Woody Allen comes to the Chapala Lakeside Ed Tasca

It's called: "An Afternoon with Woody." Little-known works by the comic genius, Woody Allen. And it's a daring attempt to bring the whacko, neurotic zaniness of Woody Allen to Mexico's Chapala Lakeside... read more

Expat living in Mexico: Xalapa vs. Ajijic Donald J. MacKay

Reports written some years ago about Jalapa, (or Xalapa as the locals prefer to spell it) Veracruz in MexConnect caught my eye. These tout the pleasant climate, cultural attractions, the presence of un... read more

Mazatlan: why snowbirds keep coming back Carolyn Patten

The closest of Mexico's Pacific beach resorts to the U.S. West Coast, Mazatlan is a favorite winter destination for snowbirds who love its casual, sometimes gritty atmosphere, low prices, fresh seafood and miles of golden beaches. Many Canadians and West Coasters return year after year, settling in for a couple of weeks or half a year. read more

Theater in the Chapala lakeside: The Naked Stage Ed Tasca

3A Calle de Zaragoza, Ajijic
read more

Zirahuen, Michoacan: Mexico's Walden Pond Linda Breen Pierce

When I first set eyes on the pure, crystal blue waters of Lago (lake) Zirahuén in the central highlands of Mexico, my stomach did a nose dive. How could such striking alpine beauty exist in a country ... read more

Short-term cell phone in Mexico for only $14 US Richard Ferguson

Have you ever wanted a cell phone in Mexico, but did not want to pay big money for the privilege? Even if your current cell phone company would arrange for your phone calls to your stateside cell phone number to ring your cell phone in Mexico, would you want to pay international long distance charges on every local call that you make or receive? Do you want to be able to save money on phone calls to the USA? read more

Tianguis: itinerant traders in a traveling Mexican market Jenny McGill

In Talpa, we have tianguis or street markets. Every two weeks, venders come from Guadalajara with their trucks loaded with fresh vegetables and fruit, herbs, ornate plants, cell phones, hair dryers and CD players. We can buy a galvanized milk can or rubber boots to wear in the milking lot. There are clay bean pots, stone metates for grinding the spices for savory salsas and machetes to clear the path through the woods. read more

On the way to Oregon: Adventurers settle on Mexico's Bay of Banderas Marvin West

An adventurous English couple builds a boat, sails toward Oregon to buy horses, but settles on Mexico's Bay of Banderas in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle where they run a restaurant and promote Huichol art. read more

Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta Reviewed by James Tipton

Robert Nelson's Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta, profiles fourteen "baby boomers" who now reside in Puerto Vallarta, The book, though, will be of interest to any expatriate (or would-be ... read more

Juanita and the president: Obama's Mexican connection Maggie Van Ostrand

Juanita, newly arrived from Zacatecas, and who has no reason in the world to make things up, admitted to being in love with the new American President. read more

Doña Chayito, Talpa's treasure Jenny McGill

She talked about the Cristero War (1926-1929) as if it were yesterday. read more

A Mexican Valentine Nancy C. Brown

It's Joaquina's first day on the job as our housekeeper, and she's outraged at how much my husband Skip and I have paid a roving vendor for clean-up rags. Newcomers to our Mexican village, we hadn't kn... read more

New meaning to mañana Marvin West

The good government of Jocotepec, centralized at the west end of Lake Chapala in the great state of Jalisco, has given new meaning to the word "mañana." Too early on a Monday morning in mid-Decembe... read more

From conspicuous consumption to conspicuous frugality Maggie Van Ostrand

Ever since Al Gore sounded the alarm about global warming, everyone on earth is aware that mankind (an oxymoron if ever I heard one) must preserve itself and the environment if it is to survive. We mus... read more

Consumer protection in Oaxaca, Mexico: A case study Alvin Starkman

PROFECO has its limitations. However, it does provide an important and valuable alternate means of dispute resolution.

read more

Winemaking in the Mexican sierra Jenny McGill

When he took the first sip of his nectar, Guy thought he could hear the angels sing. read more

Hot wheels Marvin West

According to the international brotherhood of insurance salesmen, a car or truck is stolen every 12 minutes in Mexico. That priceless bit of information is the marketing pitch for more and better cover... read more

Memories of Morelia: Tall buildings, Janitzio and a hamburger Enrique Garduño

I was nine years old the first time I visited Morelia, in 1973. I was living with my family in Xicotepec, a small town in the north of the State of Puebla. We spent our summer vacation that year with m... read more

Zoning Laws And Peacocks Ed Fesler

Question: Can you hear a peacock's screech over the roar of city buses? Answer: Yes. Question: What's a peacock doing in city traffic? Answer: No zoning laws keep... read more
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