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Does your Mexico auto insurance meet the coverage limits required by law?

Jim Lewis of Santa Monica is a pioneer in insurance services for tourists to Mexico. His concern for consumer affairs was fueled by a 1980 internship with Ralph Nader, and this experience led to a reva... read more

Driving in Mexico: Requirements, safety, routes

All you need to know to get ready and to drive in Mexico. Including personal experiences, routes and suggestions. read more

Visa and entry requirements: 2011 immigration update

The INM Application Form is the basic everything form for applying for any FM3 or FM2 matters. Working permits are not covered here. read more

Immigration Procedures: Visas, Birth, Weddings and Death, Index Page

Immigration and Legal Issues Visas, Marriage, Divorce, Children, Birth & Death Visas: Visa and Entry Requirements Driving across the border Law on Passport Applications for Min... read more

Seat belt, cell phone and speed limit laws are enforced in Oaxaca Alvin Starkman

Driving in Oaxaca, Mexico, became a little more difficult in September / October, 2009. That's when federal, state and municipal governments actually began enforcing the law, at least in the City of O... read more

Severance pay for workers in Mexico Daniel G. Little

In Canada and the United States, it is fairly straightforward to downsize our employee base during a downturn in the economy. Employees have unemployment insurance to cushion the change. But in Mexico, the law protects the worker. read more

Canada's Embassy and Consulates in Mexico

Points of Service in Mexico (see below) Embassy Mexico City (D.F.) - Embassy of Canada Consulates Monterrey (Nuevo León) - Consulate General of Canada Guadalajara (Jalisco) ... read more

Consumer protection in Oaxaca, Mexico: A case study Alvin Starkman

PROFECO has its limitations. However, it does provide an important and valuable alternate means of dispute resolution.

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Mexico's immigration visas and IMSS: current and historical rates - costs

2001 to 2009 (current) rates (in Pesos) for Mexico's: FMT (Tourist Visa), FM3 (temporary residental Visa), FM2 (Immigration Visa), Permission to Work, Inmigrado and IMSS (National Health Care programme)

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General Information to Travel to Mexico as a Tourist

Canadian and US citizens do not require a visa to visit Mexico for up to 180 days. The Mexican tourist card can be issued by any consulate of Mexico, the Mexican tourism offices, some travel agencies,... read more

Legal Advice for Mexico Travelers Robert & Curtis Page MD

All too many Mexican hospitals have complained that they have treated foreigners who later skipped on paying their bills. If you run into legal trouble in Mexico, the U.S. and Canadian consulates m... read more

Getting Married In Mexico

The indispensable requirement is a fiance.

The legal requirements vary from state to state, so it would be wise to verify with the locale before you embark on your wedding plans. In most resort areas, there are no doubt wedding planners and concierge staff at major hotels who could take care of the paperwork so that everything could proceed smoothly.

In addition to directing you through the maze that's part of Mexico, you will have the much-needed benefit of having someone who speaks the language. That small investment could save time in traipsing back and forth to government offices and waiting around....when you could be better spending your time enjoying your vacation.

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Expats to Get a Vote and a Voice Mags Petela

Voters can cast a primary ballot in person on February 5. Here in Mexico, voting centers will be set up in Ajijic, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan. Imagine yoursel... read more

Information For Canadians In Mexico

Canadians considering visiting, living part-time or relocating to Mexico are well advised to access the wealth of information provided "on-line" by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International T... read more

Chambre De Commerce Du Canada A Mexico - Guadalajara

Notre Mission La Chambre a éte fondé en 1995 par des Mexicains étudiant au Canada. A ce jour, nous avons plus de 100 membres évoluant dans diverses industries. La Chambre a pour mission princi... read more

Investment regulations in Mexico Gaceta Consular

New foreign investment regulations establish conditions under which --with strict adherence to the law-- foreign investors may legally participate as major stockholders with new investments in sections... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - 2007 Immigration Update Adriana Perez Flores

Immigration's prices are normally due for increase every January. Although they failed to increase the rates for services in 2005 and 2006, we are not so fortunate this year. These are the taxes that ... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Immigration And Inmigrado Adriana Perez Flores

It would seem we owe a big thank you to all the readers of this article. I think the greatest compliment to us is when we have members of the community asking us to write on a specific topic. Some of t... read more

The Salvation of La Purisima by T. M. Spooner Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The two cultures - Mexican and U.S. - come together in a thoughtful way in this interesting novel, which is set in both countries. The story concerns a group of Mexican illegal immigrants who travel north in May each year to work in the cherry orchards in northern Michigan. They are from the village of La Purísima in Michoacán. It's a community inhabited solely by elderly people and women and children during the picking season when all the men head north on what has become their annual rite of passage. It's perhaps more than that. read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Personal Safety Adriana Perez Flores

Normally we come to you monthly to advise readers of different aspects of the law that affect our daily lives - immigration, real estate, labor, wills, contracts, etc. This month it isn't so much the l... read more

Obtaining an F.M.3 Discussion Thread Forum

There was a question in MTMG #1 about whether it is possible to get an FM3 visa before arriving in Mexico. I picked up a standard hand-outfrom the Consulate-Generalof Mexicoin Vancouver recently. It is dated March 1994 and the following information is extracted from it.The FM-3 may be secured at any Mexican Consulate upon the presentation of all of the following:

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IMSS: Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, Mexico's government health servces Adriana Perez Flores

  2012 Update The main objective of Social Security is to guarantee the right to good health, medical assistance, the protection of the means of subsistence and the necessary social services for the... read more

Know the Law in Mexico - Resource Page Ana María Flores Sánchez

2007 Immigration Update Changes in Immigration and IMSS Requirements - June, 2006 Immigration and Inmigrado Immigration Changes at Border Crossings an... read more

What can I take into Mexico?

You are entitled to bring/take/send the following items, depending upon your immigration status. 1.  (Tourist) Under the FMT you can bring in: -Articles for your personal use, such as clothing, foo... read more

Mexico's labor market and laws

INDEX Labor Law The Work Relationship Employee Privileges Benefits Safety Work Schedules Salary Termination ... read more
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