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Dual Citizenship - Mexico & US? Discussion Thread Forum

In the past a mexican would lose his rights as an heir if he took a foreign citizenship. If he had or ended up with property in Mexico, he had to dispose of it within 60 months, or forsake it in favor of the government. The U.S. does not encourage dual citizenship, but are not very interested in this matter, as long as you do not break any U.S. laws. At the present time, mexicans can take a foreign citizenship without losing out on the family property. read more

Who can drive my car? Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Ernie Gorrie on January 21, 1997 I know that it is very important to take out Mexican automobile insurance if one is planning to drive a car in Mexico. When we buy a car in Mexico, of co... read more

Opening A Bank Account In Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Ernie I hate to keep sounding negative, but I just closed my Mexican bank account after 3 years of frustration. The interest rate is not that great right now. Besides if the peso devalue... read more

Working in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Bruce Cobb on November 07, 1996 Hi, My name is Bruce and I live in NE Washington State in a solar powered house. I work for the US forest Service at a Job Corps Center for youth 16 to 24... read more
Showing 76—79 of 79 results
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