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Know The Law In Mexico - Employment Law And Practice Adriana Perez Flores

Because of the type of domestic help we hire, most of us do this "under the table", really not adhering to Mexican Law. We then suggested how to handle these "under the table" employment issues. We hav... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Employees And Labor Law Adriana Perez Flores

The labor laws for the Republic of Mexico vary for each type of employee, and each type of employer. Unfortunately, very few of us who hire maids and gardeners, hire them according to the law. We hire ... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Property Management Adriana Perez Flores

Knowing the law and your rights in Mexico is the most important step in protecting yourself in Mexico. This can be anything from dealing with the police, the courts, or even another individual. We try ... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Contracts Adriana Perez Flores

In our effort to keep the readers of this publication informed of their rights, and the law in general, we sometimes ruffle some feathers. In these efforts to keep you informed, we have been accused of... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Wills In Mexico Adriana Perez Flores

It would seem that any given month produces one rumor or another. This month it is about wills in Mexico. All of a sudden everyone is asking how to get a will in Mexico. Now this is usually a topic th... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Importation Of Personal Goods Adriana Perez Flores

One thing most of foreigners have done at one time or another is bringing items across the border into Mexico. Whether it was in your luggage flying in, in your car driving in, or in a transport truck ... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Migratory Documents And Traveling Adriana Perez Flores

An increasing problem we come across these days has to do with the workload being put on Immigration, and reluctance of the Federal Government due to budget cutbacks to add any staff to alleviate this ... read more

Moving stuff to Mexico Melville King

All foreigners to Mexico who apply for and receive an FM3 permanent residence document are carefully instructed by the Mexican officials that the newly documented resident has the one-time right to imp... read more

IMSS Insurance Terms & Conditions Discussion Thread Forum

1. It shall be excluded from the family insurance: the holder of the family insured, the additional beneficiary or member, if the have:

Any pre-existing disease, such as malign tumors, cronic degenerated diseases, such as delayed complications of mellitus diabetes, disease (gaucher disease), cronic diseases on liver, cronical renal failure, valvular diseases continuance, (arrhythmia, angor, myocardial infaction) cronic obstructive lung disease with respiratory failure, degenerative diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, vascular cerebral disease continuance, peripheral vascular failure, among others.

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Mexico Magico: Everything You Wanted to Know by German Estrada Navarro Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This is a well-organized and clearly presented compilation of data about this country that any newcomers - and some old-timers, too - could use. read more

The second great migration: Economic and policy implications Mexico Data On-Line

In recent decades, immigration to the United States has reached historic proportions. Many observers liken this large and sustained wave of immigration to the Great Migration at the beginning of the 20... read more

Pets in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Yes, you can bring your cats; no they are not quarantined. You can even bring the cat in the plane cabin, with a soft airline approved carrier (sherpa or samsonite). It costs about $100 for the extra carry-on/pet ticket, and if the pet is in the cabin with you you won't have to worry about pet travel restrictions due to weather. Get a health certificate from your vet dated within 10 days of your departure, and a health card/certificate showing all the vaccinations. Make sure the cat has a rabies shot. The customs people will ask you for a USDA animal form, which so far no one in the US has ever heard of or been able to find, but tell the customs people you called the consulate in your state and they said this would be sufficient. read more

It takes more than "I Do" to marry in Mexico jennifer j. rose

Dreaming of that storybook wedding on a scenic cliff above crashing ocean waves, blessed by a Mexican sunset while mariachis croon? Or amid bougainvillea'd stone arches in a colonial setting? Few place... read more

Mexican Driver's License and Car Registration Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Jessica Waters on Marzo 24, 2000 As a US citizen, on an FMT or FM3 visa, will I need to get a Mexican driver's license? Mexican license plates/registration for my car? Is there an advantag... read more

Car Permits - Returned / Uncancelled Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Steve L. on Marzo 15, 2000 After driving down from Memphis, I broke my foot in Puerto Vallarta in December...the doctor felt that I shouldn't spend 4 days riding back to Tennessee in a ca... read more


If I'm living in Mexico, with no traces of a residence in the U.S. other than a past history, do I need to have a Will drawn up in Mexico? Or do I need a Mexican Will for my Mexican assets and a U.S. Will for my U.S. assets?

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Wedding protocol & procedures

My fiancée and I are planning a wedding in Puerto Morelos on September 4,1999. We are having a difficult time finding information on:

1. Blood test info
2. How long do we have to reside in Mexico before the wedding
3. Marriage license info

If anyone has access to this information or other pertinent marriage info in Mexico we would greatly appreciate your help.


PS. We're also interested in Mexican wedding tradition.

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I received my permiso last week and the boda civil is planned for 8/7. For those of you who have seen my previous postings, this is an update. For new readers, this is one gringa's encounters with Mexican bureaucracy--my fiancé is from Monterrey, we live in Nuevo Laredo, I am a daily border crosser because I work in Laredo, and my novio prefers to live/work/study in Mexico.

Be prepared for different information from every office you inquire at. The Mexican Consulate in Laredo gave us one set of instructions, the Office of Migracion in Nuevo Laredo another, and when we got to the Office of Migracion in Monterrey, we received yet another set of instructions.

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Traveling in Mexico: Security of mind Wendy Devlin

How safe is tourist travel in Mexico? This question rates among the most controversial on any Internet forum about Mexico. Crime is a complex subject woven deep in any country's social fabric. The foll... read more

Authorization For Foreign Investment In The Tourism Industry Gaceta Consular

Permission from the Secretary of Foreign Relations is required for the formation of 'Fideicomisos' or real estate bank trusts to invest in this industry. These permission may be given under the followi... read more

Surviving a highway accident in Mexico Allan Cogan

This was intended to be a straightforward article on driving to Nogales from Guadalajara and back, with information on tolls, distances, hotels, restaurants, etc. However, a young Chicano in a brand new truck changed all that on our return journey. Hence, the use of the word "accident" in the title of this piece. Our little escapade has been a salutory learning experience and perhaps I can pass on a few things we learned to people who might face similar difficulties some day. read more

How foreigners can purchase real estate in Mexico's restricted areas Gaceta Consular

Foreigners can buy or invest in real estate in Mexico without any restriction, except in the coastal and border areas. There, foreign individuals and branches of foreign corporations can have 100% cont... read more

Getting a divorce in Mexico

Sure, it's possible for two US citizens to obtain a divorce from one another in Baja California. Whether it's wise is another matter.

In the old days, before "no fault" or irreconcilable differences grounds became prevalent, Mexican divorces were popular because of the difficulty of obtaining a divorce in certain states. As a result, many Mexican "quickie" divorces did nothing more lighten the litigants' pockets and fill them with the false notion that the marriage had actually been dissolved.

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Taking Children / Grandchildren into Mexico jennifer j. rose

If a minor child is not escorted by both parents, a notarized consent from the absent parent is required. A similar consent from both parents must accompany the child traveling along or escorted by a nonparent. A U.S. court order authorizing the travel can substitute for an absent parent who refuses to consent or who cannot be located. If paternity has not been established, have the child's birth certificate available, showing that there is only one parent. If the child has a passport issued in the child's own name, then consents are not necessary. read more

Pets into Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Mexico Connect Forum Discussion Threads Posted by LittleCrow on May 29, 1997: What are the laws regarding taking a pet dog into Mexico? Must they be quarantined as in other countries? Posted by Ern... read more
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