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Work permits for Mexico: advice from an old hat Julie Black

Work Permits: Advice from an old hat   By Julie Black © 1999 All Rights Reserved. Ask no more. Yes, foreigners can legally work in Mexico, for any length of time, provided they obtain the required... read more

Culinary theme vacations in Mexico: The intrepid cocinero Daniel C. Schechter

The Intrepid Cocinero These culinary theme vacations are based on the adage: the way to a Mexican’s heart is through his stomach.   By Daniel C. Schechter   This article origina... read more

Authorization For Foreign Investment In The Tourism Industry Gaceta Consular

Permission from the Secretary of Foreign Relations is required for the formation of 'Fideicomisos' or real estate bank trusts to invest in this industry. These permission may be given under the followi... read more

Surviving a highway accident in Mexico Allan Cogan

This was intended to be a straightforward article on driving to Nogales from Guadalajara and back, with information on tolls, distances, hotels, restaurants, etc. However, a young Chicano in a brand new truck changed all that on our return journey. Hence, the use of the word "accident" in the title of this piece. Our little escapade has been a salutory learning experience and perhaps I can pass on a few things we learned to people who might face similar difficulties some day. read more

Pets into Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Mexico Connect Forum Discussion Threads Posted by LittleCrow on May 29, 1997: What are the laws regarding taking a pet dog into Mexico? Must they be quarantined as in other countries? Posted by Ern... read more

Teaching English in Mexico Mark S. Farley

Teaching English in Mexico is both an exciting and rewarding experience. There's no better way to learn about another culture than to live in it. It's one thing to vacation in Mexico, and quite anothe... read more

Opening A Bank Account In Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Ernie I hate to keep sounding negative, but I just closed my Mexican bank account after 3 years of frustration. The interest rate is not that great right now. Besides if the peso devalue... read more

Working in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Bruce Cobb on November 07, 1996 Hi, My name is Bruce and I live in NE Washington State in a solar powered house. I work for the US forest Service at a Job Corps Center for youth 16 to 24... read more

Different Ways To Send Money to Mexico Gaceta Consular

September 1996 - Austin, Texas - Year IV, Number 25 With the many Mexican nationals who live in the Austin area and with the increase in trade between our countries under NAFTA, the Consulate frequent... read more

Buying real estate in Mexico: an overview jennifer j. rose

Enjoying the Mexican beachfront or colonial hillside town, you've decided to put down roots in Mexico and "save money" by buying in. Think twice: you may make the deal of a lifetime, or you wish you'd... read more
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