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Travelers' checks, ATM machines or cash… Oaxaca, Money and Exchange: A Primer Alvin Starkman

Advice to heed before heading out the door to the airport, questions you'll have after landing, and money issues that will arise in the course of your vacation You don't need to take travelers' checks... read more

Toilet Paper and Mexican Plumbing J. Brad Grieve

In village businesses, it is common to see a sign in the bathroom asking you not to throw tissue paper down the toilet. The debate among friends in high school was whether the toilet paper shou... read more

Teaching English Overseas: A Job Guide for Americans and Canadians Reviewed by James Tipton

Latin America is a really enormous TEFL market, with tens of thousands of jobs available every year in language schools, binational centers and universities…. read more

Obtaining Mexican Social Security (IMSS) Health Insurance Robert & Curtis Page MD

Expats living in Mexico have other considerations and better economic choices not commonly shared with the short-term traveler. First, there is no need for evacuation to a home country. Second, beca... read more

Communicating with Contractors J. Brad Grieve

Let's look at the construction business here at Lake Chapala. This is like many businesses in that just about anyone can hang out a sign and call himself or herself a contractor. I believe the freedom ... read more

Aljibes - underground water cisterns J. Brad Grieve

Last month’s article stirred up some questions from some homeowners that I thought we could address in this month’s issue. Aljibes (underground water cisterns) are a critical link it each homeowne... read more

The Sky Is Falling J. Brad Grieve

Once the rainwater drains off the roof, where is the water going? After two strong rainfalls in Guadalajara, I was up on my father-in-law's roof last weekend to help a contractor from Chapala clean an... read more

Authentic Mexican cuisine at Oaxaca's La Casa de los Sabores cooking school Alvin Starkman

"Remember in the market I told you there were two types of gusano worm? Here they are, so who wants to try?" Oaxaca's unique gastronomy is rich in unique herb- and spice-accented flavor combinations that are its hallmark. Chef extraordinaire Pilar Cabrera inspires and sates travelers with a sensual day-long immersion into sights, sounds, smells and, yes, tastes and time-tested recipes of southern Mexico. read more

Is a flat roof really flat? J. Brad Grieve

It is there above us, protecting us from the sun, the wind and the rain however; generally we are not worried about our roofs until we see water leaking through it. Typically, roofs he... read more

Septic systems J. Brad Grieve

For the average new homebuyer, there is nothing more horrifying than the thought of buying a home with a septic system. This hidden, underground system seems to conjure up thoughts of backyards flooded... read more

Soils and foundations J. Brad Grieve

Ever considered the base on which your house is sitting. Yes, there is a foundation between you and the surrounding soils. In general there are stone foundations bound with mortar mixture to help keep ... read more

Care and maintenance of the fireplace J. Brad Grieve

As I write this month's article, I am sitting beside a wood stove in a cabin by a frozen lake in Ontario. So this article's topic becomes very tangible and important, especially because I want to keep ... read more

What is a home inspector? J. Brad Grieve

The objective of writing this column is to act independently and discuss the typical property ownership/maintenance issues and real estate concerns for existing and perspective homeowners here at Lake ... read more

Water distribution systems J. Brad Grieve

For many newcomers, the water distribution systems here in Mexico are different from water supply they are used to in the rest of North America. In the case of a typical home in Canada or the USA, the... read more

How much electricity am I using? J. Brad Grieve

It seems last month's article regarding our electrical bills touched a lot of people here in my reading audience. Thank you for you kind comments and questions. I wanted to expand a little more regardi... read more

Electrical surges and spikes J. Brad Grieve

We see them in just about every house here at Lake Chapala. Sometimes they are humming and others quietly sit in a corner, showing a little light on. But all are on guard, protecting our electronic dev... read more

Salitre: a form of masonry cancer? J. Brad Grieve

Salitre is the Spanish term commonly used for masonry “efflorescence.” Salitre is the white powdery stain that forms on the surface of bricks and concrete and can cause the stucco or paint o... read more

Cracks in masonry J. Brad Grieve

No, this is not an article about an additive drug, a quick glib joke or that exposed skin area of the refrigerator repairman's lower back, as he crouches down in front of you. This article is about mas... read more

How much are you paying for electricity? J. Brad Grieve

After studying many homes here at Lake Chapala, it is interesting to learn to how much electricity each home uses and, more interesting, how much the home owner is paying for their electricity. Electr... read more

How To Make Teaching English In Mexico A Reality, Part 1 Julia Taylor

Teaching English in Mexico is an enriching experience that will allow you to get to know Mexico more deeply than you would by just traveling. It can also offset much of the cost of a long-term stay. Bu... read more

How To Make Teaching English In Mexico A Reality - Part 2 Julia Taylor

Marketing Yourself So once you are in your new home town how do you impress the directors of the local language schools? First of all, it is important to remember that while this is a big adventure fo... read more

Mexico, the Trick is Living Here by Julia Taylor Reviewed by Rita Pomade

Julia Taylor's ebook, The Trick is Living Here, is an informative reference on getting settled in Mexico as well as a delight to read. It isn't everyday that you find a good source of solid, factual information coupled with a wry sense of humor. read more

A Mexican travel tool kit from the Sierra Madre Mechanic Jeffrey R. Bacon

Ismael put his hands on the top of his broom stick and hung his arms there a moment and warned me about local mechanics: "Aquí ¡El qué tiene un alambre y unas pinzas es un mecánico!" ("Here, h... read more

How to move abroad (to Mexico) - and stay sane! Linzi Eisemann

Moving is always a rather upsetting experience and meticulous planning and organization are essential if all concerned want to retain their sanity! Moving to a foreign country only adds to the difficul... read more

Chambre De Commerce Du Canada A Mexico - Guadalajara

Notre Mission La Chambre a éte fondé en 1995 par des Mexicains étudiant au Canada. A ce jour, nous avons plus de 100 membres évoluant dans diverses industries. La Chambre a pour mission princi... read more
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