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Did You Know? Tequila dates from the sixteenth century Tony Burton

In 1897, Carl Lumholtz, the famous Norwegian ethnologist, who spent several years living with remote Indian tribes in Mexico, found that the Huichol Indians in eastern Nayarti distilled agave juice usi... read more

Did You Know? Oldest winery in the Americas is in Parras de la Fuente, Mexico Tony Burton

The oldest winery in the Americas is in Parras de la Fuente In Mexico, vineyards and wineries exist in several states, including Baja California, Sonora, Zacatecas, Querétaro, and Coahuila. Wine expe... read more

Did You Know? - Vanilla Teresa Kendrick

Did you know that the vanilla bean is from an aromatic orchid that originally came from Mexico? The Academy of Sciences and Gastronomic Arts in Paris were so taken with the fruit of this orchid, that ... read more

Mexico's irresistible bakeries and breads: Las panaderias Karen Hursh Graber

Como pan caliente - "like hot bread"- is the expression used in Mexico to indicate something that is popular, best selling, or in demand. And indeed, going for hot bread is one of the daily culinary ro... read more
Showing 1—4 of 4 results
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