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The Magic Of Chalma Rhonda Tranks

Chalma, about an hour and a half by car from Cuernavaca, is a rather grubby little town, which few foreigners visit. Yet on weekends and holy days, the place is packed with pilgrims, who come to worshi... read more

Poking around the pueblos of Oaxaca: Vista Hermosa Geri Anderson

Morning clouds hover lazily over the city as we finish our coffee in a zocalo cafe in Oaxaca. It’s as if the clouds, like my friend and I, aren’t in any hurry to move on. As we saunter the several ... read more

Cholula: Traveling the Central High Plains of Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

On a huge hill, covered with weeds, small trees and debris, was built a church overlooking the city, the Sanctuary de los Remedies. It is a beautiful site, with the towered church silhouetted against t... read more

Tlaxcala State: Traveling the Central High Plains of Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

I have been receiving a number of letters from people who have an interest in pre-Columbian Mexico and therefore this article will be mostly about my explorations in the vicinity of Tlaxco. Tlaxco is a... read more

Monastic getaway from Mexico City: El Carmen de Tenancingo Jonathan Whitaker

Let's face it. Escaping Mexico City can be a great thing. Now more than ever. So much so that one would think that this unrestrained monster we call the Federal District, and the paranoia revolving ... read more

The colonial cities Discussion Thread Forum

We plan to visit Queretero, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Morelia next week--would like any tips on charming places to stay (moderate range US50-70) and great places to eat. read more

The Maya civilization, cities of the Maya Luis Dumois

The material splendor of the Maya culture is appreciated, more than in any other field, in the architecture and ornamentation of their cities. These city-states were the center of power for the king-pr... read more

The Classic Period (300-900 AD) Part 2: Cholula Dale Hoyt Palfrey

The most important center of the Mexican highlands after the fall of Teotihuacan was Cholula, near the twin volcanic peaks Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl and the city of Puebla. The Great Pyramid there,... read more

The Classic Period (300 - 900 AD) Part 1 Dale Hoyt Palfrey

With the rise of a variety of highly developed cultures, Mesoamerica entered its Golden Age. It was an era marked by political, intellectual and urban development, as well as excellence in monumental a... read more
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