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Touring Mexico's Yucatan ruins David Hammer

We took an early morning ferry from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen. The warm wind and sea spray felt good on our frost bitten faces, fresh from Northern California. We had previously toured the Mayan rui... read more

Cities beneath our feet Ed Fesler

Poking around an archaeological site that's still being dug out is fun. It was my first experience. Five friends and I had the further pleasure of having it all to ourselves while we were there. Work h... read more

Visiting Zacatecas, a UNESCO World Heritage City Jane Ammeson

We follow a meandering street that twists and turns like the best of any Medieval European city. But that, in a way, is what Zacatecas is. A soft dusk has settled over the cobblestone streets of... read more

Did you know? Mexico has more World Heritage sites than any other country in the Americas. Tony Burton

The status of World Heritage site is a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) denomination. The status is conferred on selected sites under the terms of "The Conventi... read more

Aztec, Mexica, or Alien? Ronald A. Barnett ©

Are you an illegal alien? If you are white and of European ancestry, however remote, the California-based Mexica Movement says that you have no right to be on this continent. These people, who call the... read more

Did you know? The Sistine Chapel of Mexico Tony Burton

A small church in Michoacán has been called the "Sistine Chapel of the Americas".

read more

South from Zacatecas: La Quemada archaeological site and Jerez, an undiscovered colonial gem Tony Burton

Click for interactive map Two sites within an hour's drive south of Zacatecas make it well worthwhile to linger at least an extra day when visiting this splendid colonial treasure, described in a p... read more

Did you know? Mexico has five of the world's most endangered heritage sites Tony Burton

Five places in Mexico are on the list of the world's 100 most endangered heritage sites. "The World Monuments Fund (WMF) is the foremost private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation o... read more

Zumpango: the guardians of a forgotten cemetery Anthony Wright

"Magic realism" describes a style of Latin American writing where dreams and reality meet on equal footing in worlds lying ephemerally in between, poised to subvert back to the norm the very instant a ... read more

Loreto and San Javier: from sun, sand and snorkeling to museums, missions and mountains Tony Burton

These three towns in Baja California Sur, offer a relaxing alternative to the frenetic pace of life in the pricier and more touristy Los Cabos area. Loreto, Mulegé and Santa Rosalía are very differen... read more

The Pre-hispanic, The Colonial, The Royal Roads Of Morelos And Puebla Julia Taylor

The royal roads were first utilized by Mesoamerican cultures in central Mexico. ... read more

The Zapata Route In Morelos Part 2: His Heart Stopped Beating Julia Taylor

Part 1 - The Land Was in His Heart   Zapata's Death   After leaving Museo Casa de Zapata your next stop in the Zapata Route is in Chinameca where he was shot. It's qui... read more

Church Of Our Lord Of Villaseca Richard Ferguson

Cata, Guanajuato This is part of one wall of the church in Cata, near the town of Guanajuato.  When I visited in 1996, the walls were completely covered with exvotos to a height o... read more

Evoking the ancient Maya: murals by Otoniel Baruck Sala Erin Cassin

Maya-themed murals, which fuse shards of this ancient culture with elements of fantasy, are Sala's current focus. read more

La Hacienda de Nogueras in Comala, Colima Wendy Devlin

La Hacienda de Nogueras is an elegantly restored hacienda hidden in the countryside of Colima. Six miles north of Colima City, it links the region's rich pre-Hispanic past with colonial and modern history. read more

The Classic Period (300-900 AD) Part 1 Dale Hoyt Palfrey

With the rise of a variety of highly developed cultures, Mesoamerica entered its Golden Age. It was an era marked by political, intellectual and urban development, as well as excellence in monumental a... read more

Colonial Lake Pátzcuaro Richard Perry

Travelers who are interested in the history of this region of Michoacán will be well rewarded by a tour of the numerous picturesque villages bordering Lake Pátzcuaro. In addition to their authentic ... read more

Rompope: Mexico's Holiday Season Beverage Karen Hursh Graber

Perico rompope, an artisanal rompope from Yahualica, Mexico © Daniel Wheeler, 2011 Rompope, or "Mexican eggnog," is one version of the many combinations of egg, milk, sugar and spirits that are tr... read more

Lake Chapala religious services

All Saints Lutheran Church Worship Service 10:30 a.m 4600 Avenida Tepeyac, Guad. Tel. (013)121-67-41 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Services in English and Spanish ,10 am. Riberas del P... read more
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