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Did You Know? Birth control pills come from Mexican yams Tony Burton

The oral contraceptive pill, often referred to simply as "the Pill" was officially fifty years old on October 15, 2001. In the words of The Economist: it "was arguably the first lifestyle drug t... read more

Mexican folk remedies Jenny McGill

If you have something in your eye, take a hair from the tail of a live cat .... read more

Pharmacies and Prescription Drugs Robert & Curtis Page MD

In recent years, thousands of North Americans have traveled to Mexico to purchase pharmaceuticals at a fraction of U.S. costs. While there are obvious benefits to this practice, there are and always wi... read more

Water Safety Robert & Curtis Page MD

If you are concerned with the quality of the water at your beach, we recommend you contact the tourism department for updated reports and avoid swimming in questionable waters. Mexico Beach Wate... read more

Have Crown, Will Travel Geri Anderson

Some of my friends and family are considering combining a vacation in Mexico with a trip to the dentist. While a dental vacation is an oxymoron, the idea does make sense. Dental work in Mexico is bound... read more

A Response To The Documentary Sicko Ed Fesler

Hi, Mike. Sicko is great but why did you forget Mexico? Uncle Sam wouldn't be giving you trouble on your return stateside, not like going to Cuba. And the Mexicans have been fi... read more

Seeing my Mexico surroundings Jenny McGill

I was able to see well enough to appreciate the Easter-basket beauty of the many different spring blossoms around Lake Chapala. With a clear, clean, robin-egg-blue sky as a background, the constantly changing tones of the mountains completed the mural of purple jacaranda, yellow primavera, magenta bougainvillea and the white and pink amapas trees. read more

Good doctor makes house calls Marvin West

The good doctor really does make house calls. Juan Barbosa Gallego arrives with a reassuring smile. His personality is perfect for his mission. He is calm, soft-spoken and confident he can produce a c... read more

Mexico - travelers's summary profile

This Page is mirrored with the permission of Shoreline, Inc., producer of Travel Health Online. To view more health and safety information for travel to any country in the world, please visit the... read more

Where angels fear to tread: an interview with Silvia Flores Cat Gonzales

This morning Nurse Practitioner Silvia Flores Gonzalez is a little tired, having gotten up at 4:00 am to deliver a baby. The young mother knocked on the door of "El Centro de Desarrollo para Mujeres" i... read more

Internet's online prescription for health Ron Mader

Although it's no joking matter to bring up "Montezuma's Revenge" while traveling in Latin America, more people than ever before are now talking about illness prevention and staying healthy. Luckily for... read more

Health care in the Guadalajara and Lake Chapala area

Health Care Resources A partial listing of clinics, hospitals, dental and doctor's offices, and clinical laboratories Americas Hospital - Avenida Américas #932, Guadalajara ... read more

Just south of the medical border Bruce K. Stampley

Just South of the Medical Border © 2005 Bruce K. Stampley,PhD World Traveler, Pilot,Writer, Scientist, JunkYard Philospher, Lover of Boats and Beer   It's just a sho... read more

Massage Exchange With A Traditional Maya Massage Therapist Denis Larsen

Night fell and it got dark with tropical quickness just as I was dropped off in a real VW bug at the bone-setter/massage man's home. On my way inside I almost stepped on a tarantula that seemed as big ... read more

Got flu? Try a sock full of onions Maggie Van Ostrand

Before the days of modern medicine, people relied on folk remedies. To ward off the flu, for example, you might have to wear a sock full of onions or eat a spoonful of hot chilies on a piece of pumpern... read more

In a Village Far from Home Reviewed by Allan Cogan

While living in Guadalajara, Ms. Finerty became acquainted with some Franciscan priests and also with some Huichol Indians who were associated with the Franciscans. Eventually she was invited to visit a Huichol village about a thirty minute flight from Tepic, high in the Sierras in Western Mexico. The only other way to reach this community — Jesús María — was by taking an eight day mule ride. The village wasn't even marked on the map. read more

Signing up for Mexico's IMSS health coverage Karen Blue

I finally got my IMSS (The Mexican Social Health Insurance) card today. It took about three weeks and visits to fifteen different desks in four different buildings in two different cities. I did it mys... read more

IMSS Insurance Terms & Conditions Discussion Thread Forum

1. It shall be excluded from the family insurance: the holder of the family insured, the additional beneficiary or member, if the have:

Any pre-existing disease, such as malign tumors, cronic degenerated diseases, such as delayed complications of mellitus diabetes, disease (gaucher disease), cronic diseases on liver, cronical renal failure, valvular diseases continuance, (arrhythmia, angor, myocardial infaction) cronic obstructive lung disease with respiratory failure, degenerative diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, vascular cerebral disease continuance, peripheral vascular failure, among others.

read more

The Mexican Medical System Larry Landwehr

After three days of chest pains I finally broke down and called the office of my cardiologist here in Guadalajara (I had a heart attack a few years ago). I called at 2:00 pm on a Monday and tried with ... read more

Medical and safety Mexconnect Staff

What is the level of health care and medicine in Mexico? (¿Cómo es la calidad de tratamiento médico en México?) What about prescripti... read more

My search for a doctor in Oaxaca Stan Gotlieb

  This drawing of a latrine is painted on a wall next to the main square in San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca. It was paid for by the National Health, as a preventative medicine strategy. There are fou... read more

Flying to Oaxaca at Christmas time Stan Gotlieb

A latecomer brought by TV and consumerism from El Norte, this Santa, with his reindeer made from local tree branches, was greeted with a mixture of awe and nervousness by the children on the plaza in f... read more

On becoming a statistic: A story of two children in a Oaxaca hospital Jules Siegel

(Originally published in somewhat different form in The Mexico City News, November, 1982) Eli was sick a lot in Oaxaca. The air of the city of Oaxaca in those days was fecalized. Many people there sti... read more

Miscellaneous Medical Matters in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

An overview of different health questions for travelers and residents of Mexico, including blood transfusions, diabetes, chiropractors, med evac and assisted living. read more
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