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Did you know? Oaxaca is the most culturally diverse state in Mexico Tony Burton

The inter-census population count in Mexico in 2005 found that more than one million people in Oaxaca spoke at least one indigenous Indian language. Close behind came the state of Chiapas with about 95... read more

Stormy Weather: Rainy Season In Oaxaca Alvin Starkman

Stormy Weather: Rainy Season In Oaxaca By Alvin Starkman © Alvin Starkman 2006 - It's the impact that the storms have on electricity that is stunning, both whi... read more

Regional Cuisines Of Guerrero: From Beaches to Mountains Karen Hursh Graber

This seems like a good time of year to talk about the culinary specialties of Guerrero, the Mexican state whose coastline is home to some of the country's most popular winter resorts, including Acapulc... read more

Mexico Economic Updates August 2006 Tony Burton

Despite calls from PRD candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his supporters for a complete recount, it looks almost certain that the Federal Electoral Institute will confirm very shortly that the presidential election was won by PAN candidate Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. The new president will take office on December 1.

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Lloyd Mexico Economic Report August 2005

Table of Contents Stock market record More competitive mortgages Consumer price index falls ... read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report March 2003


Lloyd Mexico Economic Report June 2005

Table of Contents Healthy economy Regional disparities Dev... read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report June 2004

Table of Contents Strong economy Encouraging tourism numbers City express hotels ... read more

Volcanoes in Mexico Ron Mader

When Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés was asked to describe Mexico in the early 1500s, he is said to have crumpled up a piece of paper and set it on a table, demonstrating Mexico's mountainous land... read more

Tehuana Mamas Cook Up Magic: Food and Fiestas in the Isthmus Karen Hursh Graber

Perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of Oaxaca is the tremendous difference between one region of the state and another. The sierras which crisscross it form natural boundaries between enclaves ... read more

Mexico, a Higher Vision: Excerpts from the Prologue by Carlos Fuentes Reviewed by Allan Cogan

To see Mexico from the air is to look upon the face of creation. Our everyday, earthbound vision takes flight and is transformed into a vision of the elements. This book is a portrait of water and fire, of wind and earthquake, of the moon and the sun. For it is we - you and I - who see and touch and smell and taste and feel today, even as we witness the perpetual rebirth of the land here and now. We are the witnesses to creation, because of the mountains that watch us and in spite of their warning: "we will endure, you will not." read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report April 2004

Table of Contents Consumer confidence on the rise National population Housing credits from abroad A... read more

Mexico's Climate - Farenheit Mexico Data On-Line

The coast and lower parts of Mexico can often be very hot with temperatures ranging from 75º - 88ºF in winter and up to 90ºF in summer. In altitudes from 1,220 - 1,830 meters temperatures range from... read more

Did you know? An enchanted lake in Veracruz rises every dry season, but falls again during the wet season Tony Burton

Peculiar, but true. There are several lakes named Laguna Encantada (Enchanted Lake) in Mexico, but this one is near Catemaco in the Tuxtlas region of the state of Veracruz. Catemaco is famous for its w... read more

A Gastronomic Circuit Around the City or When Lost in Mexico, Follow Your Stomach: El Estado de Mexico Karen Hursh Graber

A friend from western Mexico is on the phone, planning a trip to visit us down south in Oaxaca. "From the map, it looks like there's a freeway loop around Mexico City," he says hopefully. Yes, well. ... read more

The Volcanoes of Colima Tony Burton

The Volcán de Fuego In the past 400 years, the Volcán de Fuego has been the most active volcano in Mexico, and indeed one of the most active in the world, having erupted at least 30 times sin... read more

The magnetic deserts of the world - Zone of Silence, Mexico, gateway to the universe Armin Gómez

A desert whose immensity borders mountains that look like craters, where an abundance of aereolites are scattered around it, just like the memory of a test missile that fell in its arid territory, make the mysterious Zone of Silence in the north of Mexico a sidereal scene. The magnificent vista of the celestial vault from there contributes to this impression; it permits one to appreciate the constant showers of stars and of some artificial satellites in movement, accompanied by the blanket of silence that effectively covers this faraway place where, it is said, the radios' electromagnetic waves cannot penetrate. read more

Mexico's water woes Naomi Adelson

Dr. Leopoldo Rodarte Ramón, general director of the Federal District Water Commission, has a tough job. He is responsible for supplying an ever-growing population with water, draining thousands of ton... read more

Facts About Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

OFFICIAL NAME: United Mexican States CAPITAL AND LARGEST CITY: Mexico City AREA: 1,978,000 sq Km ( 760,000 sq mi) MAJOR CITIES: Mexico City (25 mil), Guadalajara (8.5 mil) and Monterrey... read more
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