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Mexico's wild mushrooms, gifts of the rainy season: Huitlacoche Karen Hursh Graber

Rain brings a more astounding variety than ever to the bounty in the markets. Corn and fresh chiles are stacked high, along with a number of herbs, both familiar and less well-known. Among the tastiest of the season's offerings are the wild mushrooms, some of which are known as setas. read more

Mexico's delicious fresh fruit drinks: Aguas frescas Karen Hursh Graber

The beverages known in Mexico as aguas frescas are an inspired compliment to the rich melding of chiles, herbs and spices found in Mexican food. They act to counter-balance strong flavors and are always light, never cloying. Aguas frescas function somewhat like sorbets, in that they refresh the palate. read more

A culinary guide to Mexican herbs: Las hierbas de cocina, Part Two Karen Hursh Graber

Last month's column contained a list of Mexican culinary herbs - some as well-known as cilantro, and others a bit more esoteric - and their uses. This month's column contains recipes usin... read more

From New Spain to nouvelle cuisine: Pasta mexicana Karen Hursh Graber

As anyone who has ever eaten a comida corrida - the "daily special" at restaurants in Mexico - knows, the course called sopa seca will either be a plate of rice or some shape of pasta wit... read more

The proper way to eat a taco Discussion Thread Forum

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Mexico, don't be a sloppy taco eater. Wouldn't Eleanor, Abigail and Judith just die! Far cry as it is from the excruciatingly correct manners of these three deities, Fanny wants you to know that there IS a proper way to eat a taco: 1. First rule. Don't over stuff that tortilla. This is a fatal error. read more

A culinary guide to Mexican herbs: Las hierbas de cocina Karen Hursh Graber

Spring is the season of renewal, evident in the green buds poking up through the warming earth and, here in Mexico, symbolized by the wheat sprouts that adorn altars during Easter week. For many people... read more

Sweet treats from Mexico: Los dulces Karen Hursh Graber

Dulces típicos — traditional Mexican candies — for sale in a street market
© Daniel Wheeler, 2010
Mexico's vast array of dulcerías (candy stores) panaderías (bakeries) pastelerías and bizcocherías (shops that feature displays of enormous, intricately decorated cakes for special occasions) all give testimony to the national sweet tooth. I have been in pueblos so small that there is only one phone in town, but there always seems to be a dulcería with a great variety of candies stacked to the ceiling. read more

Mexico's irresistible bakeries and breads: Las panaderias Karen Hursh Graber

Como pan caliente - "like hot bread"- is the expression used in Mexico to indicate something that is popular, best selling, or in demand. And indeed, going for hot bread is one of the daily culinary ro... read more

The Hungry Traveler Reviewed by Karen Hursh Graber

The Hungry Traveler: Mexico by Marita Adair (Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City) Available from Amazon Books: Paperback You are famished. After hours on the Mexican high... read more

The cuisine of Tlaxcala: food and tradition in central Mexico Karen Hursh Graber

Tiny Tlaxcala may be Mexico's smallest state but it is one of the most quintessentially Mexican in its traditions, especially in the realm of cuisine. The same artistic flair with which the people of t... read more

The cuisine of Puebla, cradle of corn Karen Hursh Graber

The creative blending of diverse ingredients is the hallmark of Mexican cooking, and in the state of Puebla it is a passion. Everywhere there is talk of food. People give detailed accounts of what they... read more

Guacamole Camille Collins

I love it. There is no better way to savor an avocado than in a good guacamole. What makes a good guacamole, though, is a matter of opinion. I was invited to a friend's house for dinner a while back a... read more

The cuisine of Nayarit Camille Collins

The following is a quick guide to the cuisine of Nayarit. This guide was discovered by Conner and adapted from the original Spanish version by Camille. There are several foods listed for which there ar... read more

Organic coffee in Mexico Stan Gotlieb and Diana Ricci

This piece was written in early 1995. A year later, pieces on why we should buy "organic" coffee were appearing regularly in the mainstream press. (The picture is of the ancient cedar in Tule, outside ... read more
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