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The Best of San Miguel de Allende 2005 by Joseph Harmes Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Here's a guidebook with a very definite difference. It doesn't just set out in the usual way to give you a rundown on the community and make suggestions on what to do and where to go. Rather, Joseph Harmes, has put together a rather incredible list of 'bests' - some 126 pages of them in fact - to be found in San Miguel de Allende. These range, alphabetically, from Best Art Displays to where to find the Best Yogurt. In between you can mull over several hundred "bests", from Best Views to Best Dance Classes; from Best Tennis Courts to Best Places to Take Out-of-Towners; from Best Parks to Best Hidden Attractions; from Best Tortillas to Best Ways to Avoid Travellers Diarrhea… and so on. read more

In a Village Far from Home Reviewed by Allan Cogan

While living in Guadalajara, Ms. Finerty became acquainted with some Franciscan priests and also with some Huichol Indians who were associated with the Franciscans. Eventually she was invited to visit a Huichol village about a thirty minute flight from Tepic, high in the Sierras in Western Mexico. The only other way to reach this community — Jesús María — was by taking an eight day mule ride. The village wasn't even marked on the map. read more

Living in Timucuy, Yucatan: birth, death and some in-between John G. Gladstein

The Setting Curanderismo The Inhabitants The Physical and Psychological Compadrazco The Beginning Love Is In the Air "I Do" The End of the Game Works Cited ... read more

Mexican Wedding Feasts: La Comida de la Boda Karen Hursh Graber

June is a month of family celebrations; in México as well as north of the border, weddings, graduations and Father's Day are all prominent June occasions. This month, I happily recall a couple of the ... read more

Sliced Iguana: Travels in Unknown Mexico by Isabella Tree Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Isabella Tree tells about her solitary travels to various parts of Mexico. Is this becoming a sort of literary sub-category - single ladies taking on the world? This book largely consists of a half dozen essays covering specific geographic areas that Ms. Tree visited, including Mexico City, Chiapas and Lake Pátzcuaro. My own personal favorite was "Holy Week," the one on San Miguel de Allende. read more

Village in the Sun by Dane Chandos Reviewed by Allan Cogan

I reviewed Chandos's other book, "House in the Sun", in Mexico Connect a couple of months ago and now I'm catching up on what was actually the author's first book, published four years earlier. We're given a good long loving look at the various events that mark a typical year in a Mexican village - like The Day of the Dead, the Day of the Cross, Navidad, birthdays and the other festivals that are customarily celebrated. It all adds up to an attractive narrative. read more

Personal Views of Easter in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Semana Santa in Morelia means a vacation at home for me. For one thing, I don't want to become a statistic by hitting the open road, and for another, I don't like crowds. But most importantly, I bask in those times when the help are gone and it's just me and my Doberboys.

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Surface Tension Mary Ellen Sanger

Only the official registration form on file in the archives and my now-aging memory can attest to Celestino’s entry in the 1952 contest, the year of his biggest loss. The neighbors only saw him carry... read more

Purepecha fiesta In Ajijic, Jalisco Tony Burton

They may not have conquered Ajijic in the old days, but the Purepecha never gave up. They didn’t even ever surrender to the mighty Aztecs. Now, they are seeking to take Ajijic by artistic stealth, beginning next month when a special Purepecha Fiesta is to be held in Ajijic plaza. The Fiesta begins on October 12, “Dia de La Raza” (literally "Day of our Race"), a national holiday observing the survival and resistance of the indigenous Mexican.

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Patamban - The Fiesta De Cristo Rey Billy Frost

As thousands prepare for the trek to Patzcuaro, and the famous Day of the Dead Celebration, others head for the regional celebration in Patamban known as the "Fiesta de Cristo Rey". Held on t... read more

Cantinflas, the castillo and ponche in the plaza Wendy Devlin

As the evening mass ended, the huge colonial doors of Santa Maria Magdalena swung open. People swarmed down the church stairs into the plaza. I moved along with the crowd to a wrought iron bench.... read more

The Festival Internacional Cervantino in Guanajuato Ana Cervantes

Guanajuato is, and has been for a long time, a centre of culture and education. In one way or another, it has always been prosperous, either through the richness of its farmland or its mines. There was... read more

Guanajuato's sonic landscape Ana Cervantes

Sometime during my first month in Guanajuato, the idea floated into my head of writing an article about the sonic landscape of the city. This of course includes a great deal of music, since it resounds... read more

Life and music in Guanajuato Ana Cervantes

The city of Guanajuato is nestled in a sort of steep basin in the Sierra Madre Mountains and spreads up around the center of the basin. Imagine a huge, terraced rice paddy such as we've seen in photos ... read more

Cascarones: Egging on Mexican fiestas Dale Hoyt Palfrey

The Romans coined the phrase Omne vivum ex ovo, "All life comes from an egg." The egg is a universal symbol of birth and resurrection, employed in burial practices of the ancient Egyptians and Gre... read more
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