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Almost an Island: Travels in Baja California by Bruce Berger Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Bruce Berger is an excellent guide to the Baja. He’s been going there since the mid '60s, having driven the length of the peninsula at least three times when that meant travelling more than 1,000 kilometers of single lane dirt road. One could drive for a day and meet only one other car. And you would never dream of leaving without taking plenty of food, water and gasoline plus whatever extras and spare parts you might need to fix auto problems along the way. read more

The Majestic Monarch Butterfly Marisela G. de la Sota

The amazing phenomena of the Monarch butterfly migration is with us again. At the end of summer hundreds of millions of monarchs fly an incredible average of 1,800 miles from the United States and Cana... read more

Eat, drink and be merry: Mexican hummingbirds migrate to Canada Wendy Devlin

Each year, in late March, the visitors from Mexico arrive in southern Canada. They knock lightly on all the windows to let me know of their return. I know that they expect a good breakfast, lunch and d... read more

Hike to a coffee plantation in San Blas, Nayarit Wendy Devlin

When tourists visit tropical Mexico, they are sometimes invited to visit a coffee plantation. My invitation came when I was camping with my family near Aticama, a small village on the Nayarit coast, 10... read more

Monarch butterflies in Mexico Tony Burton

Early in 1980, exploring various off the beaten track areas of Mexico looking for potential geography fieldwork sites, one fateful Saturday morning found me standing in the main plaza of the small Mich... read more

The foundational bull ranches Jock Richardson

It has always seemed appropriate to me that the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, in their monograph Geografia Espanola del Toro de Lidia, uses the valleys of the major rivers of Spain to structure thei... read more

Lake Chapala: Can Mexico's largest lake be saved? Tony Burton

Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest natural lake, is dying. The lake right now plays a vital role in a gigantic ecosystem, the River Lerma-Lake Chapala drainage basin, which includes more than 8 million peo... read more
Showing 51—58 of 58 results
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