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Report on Guadalajara Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Kim Martin on February 04, 1997: Sorry about the long delay in responding to questions, but the university server seems to be down more often than not. Here¥s some info about rentals. M... read more

Driving across the border? Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Melissa Fiddler on January 12, 1997 I need as much information as possible about driving to Mexico. I've heard that this may not be the easiest thing to do. We would be two to three Can... read more

Mazatlan Trip Report Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Thom on January 04, 1997 My wife and I just returned from MONTH in Mexico, the better part of which we spent in Mazatlan. We have been to Mexicoís other Pacific coast resort areas seve... read more

Touring Oaxaca's central valley Ron Mader

February 1997 Oaxaca is called "Tierra del Sol," and it a landscape blessed with a spring-like climate and plenty of sunshine. The city of Oaxaca is located in a picturesque valley with an altitude of... read more

The Zone of Silence in Northern Mexico: scientific marvel or just fiction? Andrea Kaus

The MapimI Reserve overlaps an area known as La Zona del Silencio (the Zone of Silence) which attracts tourists and curiousity-seekers from all over the world. These people and their guides are locally referred to as zoneros or silenciosos. They are generally considered to be slightly daft or a nuisance, but they represent a substantial population of strangers who wish to see, experience, and take away with them read more

The Oaxaca Valley: A week's adventures in a single day Tony Burton

Of all the thousands of possible day-trips from tourist centers in Mexico, perhaps none is as varied, educational, beautiful and just plain fun as that along the eastern part of the Valley of Oaxaca. O... read more
Showing 1051—1056 of 1056 results
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