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Did You Know? Birth control pills come from Mexican yams Tony Burton

The oral contraceptive pill, often referred to simply as "the Pill" was officially fifty years old on October 15, 2001. In the words of The Economist: it "was arguably the first lifestyle drug t... read more

Did you know? Lake Chapala under attack from water hyacinth Tony Burton

Masses of beautiful violet and yellow flowing water hyacinth ( Eichhornia crassipes) add an attractive splash of colour to the Lake Chapala landscape during the rainy season but are a serious problem for thelives and economy oflocal residents. read more

Ruins in the rain forest: An excursion to La Selva Lacandona Carson Brown

Many visitors in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, realize that the quaint mountain town, aside from being a destination in itself, is a perfect jumping-off point for dozens of side-trips. Surround... read more

The Slow Food Movement in Mexico Karen Hursh Graber

Just about anyone who has read cooking columns, culinary magazines or cookbooks in recent years has come upon the term "slow food" or "the Slow Food movement." But what exactly is the Slow Food movemen... read more

Lake Chapala In 2004 Dale Hoyt Palfrey

2004 turned out to be another fortuitous year for Lake Chapala. According to data issued by the National Water Commission (CNA), accumulated rainfall registered nationwide in 2004 ran nine per cent ab... read more

A Season Of Hope Dale Hoyt Palfrey

If Lake Chapala could speak for itself, Mark Twain's famous comment might come to mind: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." Since torrential rains began battering much of ce... read more

Walking the walk, talking the talk - Colima - sea to Sierra, by Wendy Devlin in Mexico Connect Wendy Devlin

Part 1 Colima - The Sea Six years ago I briefly visited the small state of Colima. With my family, I drove straight through the state without stopping along Colima’s eighty-seven miles of coastline,... read more

Baja communities play a key role in conservation Wendee Holtcamp

Those moments when you can spontaneously interact with a wild animal, one on one, in their environment - whether it's under the ocean, on a mountain, in the middle of the desert - are pretty special, life changing even. read more

In the Shadow of the Volcano: One Family's Baja Adventure by Michael Humfreville Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This was not to be your usual sight-seeing trip, moving from one convenient accommodation to another. Their desire was to be isolated from civilization and to live as simply as possible. An element of self discovery was also a definite part of the program. Thus it was that they found themselves a week or two later on an empty beach on the remote west coast of the Baja constructing a tiny hut that was to be their home for an indefinite period. Pacific breakers pounded the beach a few steps away. The specific area where they set up camp was between El Rosario and Guerrero Negro where a number of tiny fishing villages were located. read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - March 1999


Lloyd Mexico Economic Report November 2003

A major study by Grupo IDM suggests that improved employment opportunities are on their way. About 18% of firms questioned in the southeast and north of the country will be actively seeking additional workers in the next few months. A further 60% expect to retain their existing workforce intact.

read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - May 2001


Lloyd Mexico Economic Report March 2004

Table of Contents Investing remittances in Mexico BBVA offer for Bancomer Simplifying regulations ... read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report June 2003


The Log from the Sea of Cortez by John Steinbeck Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Back in 1940, just before Pearl Harbour, John Steinbeck and his marine biologist friend, Ed Rickets, chartered a fishing boat, the Western Flyer, in Monterey, California, and sailed down the coast around the Baja into the Sea of Cortez. Their six-week mission was to collect specimens of marine life in the area. They jointly wrote a book about the voyage, largely about marine biology, which was published in 1941. A decade later, Steinbeck himself wrote this more personal book. The result is a mixture of travel writing, journalism, diary-keeping, philosophy, meditation and, yes, there's a lot of stuff about the marine life of the area. After all, the author was something of an authority in that field. read more

Seeing the forests and the trees links Ron Mader

Mexican forests cover more than 140 million hectares or about 72% of the national territory. That said, the trees are falling quickly. A recent government study of satellite images, the country is losi... read more

Mexico City's uncommon environment Ron Mader

In most cities, a weather report gives ample information covering the day's temperatures, wind conditions and general forecast. But in the smog-choked Mexico City metropolis, often called the world's ... read more

Airline websites Ron Mader

Most visitors to Mexico arrive by air and more and more business and vacation travelers are taking to the web to plan their trips. Unfortunately, many airline web sites suffer from bloated software tha... read more

Eco-travel links Ron Mader

The following are new Mexico-specific resources online in the Eco Travels website ( Saludos, Ron Mader The Z... read more

Nuevo León: northern hot seat Ron Mader


Whale watching while you surf (the web) Ron Mader

Whale watching has become a million-dollar business around the globe. Mexican operators along the Pacific coast and in the Baja Peninsula have seen their businesses expand as more and more people flock... read more

Ecology And Environment In Mexico - An Index Page - In Mexico Connect

ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT IN MEXICO An Index Page of Articles, Issue and Resources. WATER Can Mexico's Largest Lake be Saved? A Review of the Situation in Lak... read more

Mexico, a Higher Vision: Excerpts from the Prologue by Carlos Fuentes Reviewed by Allan Cogan

To see Mexico from the air is to look upon the face of creation. Our everyday, earthbound vision takes flight and is transformed into a vision of the elements. This book is a portrait of water and fire, of wind and earthquake, of the moon and the sun. For it is we - you and I - who see and touch and smell and taste and feel today, even as we witness the perpetual rebirth of the land here and now. We are the witnesses to creation, because of the mountains that watch us and in spite of their warning: "we will endure, you will not." read more
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