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Business entry into Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

A. BUSINESS VISITOR: A business visitor is a person who is involved in any of the following: research and design - market research business transactions for manufacturing and production (m... read more

Maquiladora Mexico Data On-Line

The Mexican Assembly Program was started over 25 years ago in response to a private sector initiative designed to alleviate a high unemployment problem along the border with the United States. This was... read more

General information on Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

Mexico, the United Mexican States (in spanish Estados Unidos Mexicanos), is a federal republic situated in North America. It is bounded on the north by the United States; on the east by the U.S.... read more

Taxes in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

The Mexican tax system has been subjected to comprehensive tax reform legislation, enacted principally in 1986 and 1988. The dramatic changes are an attempt to make it compatible with the tax systems o... read more

Intellectual property in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

A. INTRODUCTION: The intellectual property of a business may be the most important asset that the business owns. The distinctive creation, invention, method or recognition of a company is the result o... read more

What is a maquiladora? Manufacturing in Mexico: The Mexican in-bond (Maquila) program Mexico Data On-Line

After slicing through all of the numerous definitions that cloud this question, the answer is, simply, that a maquiladora is a Mexican Corporation which operates under a maquila program approved for it... read more

Documents needed to ship your product to Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

Importers will use a customs broker (a private-sector provider of services) of choice to obtain release of the merchandise. The customs agent will provide to importers all necessary information relatin... read more

Challenges and opportunities at the turn of the century Mexico Data On-Line


Getting married in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

In Mexico only civil marriage is recognized as legal. Persons wishing to get married in Mexico may also have a religious ceremony, but it will have no legal implications. A civil wedding in Mexico is f... read more

Incorporation of a Mexican company Mexico Data On-Line

Foreigners can opt to establish a Mexican company or to acquire stock in an already established Mexican company to do business within Mexico, depending upon the need to have a presence and involvement ... read more

Doing business in Mexico: general legal, business & entry issues Mexico Data On-Line

Legal Framework Mexico has embarked on thee modernisation of its legal and judicial systems, and has introduced a substantial deregulation and improvement in the enforcement of its laws. Mexico’s l... read more

Entry of private vehicles into Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

Tourists traveling to Mexico by car must have a valid driver's license and a certificate of title or vehicle registration. In the case of a rented vehicle, it is necessary to show a rental agreement in the name of the person driving the vehicle. In the case of a company car, a notarized document proving that the vehicle was assigned to the driver and a proof of employment.

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Retiring in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

A person can live in Mexico as a non-immigrant retiree with the income produced by his or her investments, interests or benefits earned outside the country or by any other income authorized by immigrat... read more

Basic guide for foreign investors in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

To facilitate the entry of foreign investors, officials, professionals and/or technicians involved in any financial or economic activity in Mexico, authorities in Mexican Consulates abroad are empowered to issue the corresponding visas. Citizens or legal permanent residents of Canada and the United States may remain in Mexico for a maximum period of 30 days by obtaining the FMN immigration form, free of charge. This form is extended to "business visitors", "directors", "technicians" and "transferred personnel". The characteristics and requirements of this visa are as follows:

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Common questions asked Mexican customs Mexico Data On-Line

1. What are the basic documents I need to ship my goods to Mexico? NAFTA FACTS document 8401 provides detail on the documents needed to ship goods to Mexico. 2. I have been told that I cannot export ... read more

Requirements For Going To Mexico As Business Visitor

30 day business visitor form can be secured upon presentation of: A valid passport or a certified copy of the birth certificate or a citizenship card plus a recent picture identification. L... read more

Investment regulations in Mexico Gaceta Consular

New foreign investment regulations establish conditions under which --with strict adherence to the law-- foreign investors may legally participate as major stockholders with new investments in sections... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - 2007 Immigration Update Adriana Perez Flores

Immigration's prices are normally due for increase every January. Although they failed to increase the rates for services in 2005 and 2006, we are not so fortunate this year. These are the taxes that ... read more

Mexico Economic Updates May 2006 Tony Burton

International Reserves The nation's foreign reserves stood at 68.678 billion dollars in mid-April, according to the Bank of Mexico, the nation's central bank. The reserves reached an all-time high of ... read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report July 2004

Announcing that first quarter direct foreign investment totaled 7.425 billion dollars, President Vicente Fox described Mexico as the "best place in the world in which to invest". The year-end figure for foreign direct investment is likely to top 16 billion dollars.

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Lloyd Mexico Economic Report November 2004

Table of Contents Stock market at record high Retail sales rising Mexican multinationals ... read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report November 2003

A major study by Grupo IDM suggests that improved employment opportunities are on their way. About 18% of firms questioned in the southeast and north of the country will be actively seeking additional workers in the next few months. A further 60% expect to retain their existing workforce intact.

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Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - December 1999

The government's proposed budget for 2000 has been submitted to Congress. The government anticipates that the economy will grow by between 4 and 5% next year and that inflation will be around 10%. The budget allows for a fiscal deficit of 1% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and a current account deficit equivalent to 3.2% of GDP. The average exchange rate over the year is expected to be 10.40 pesos to the dollar. In calculating the budget, the government has assumed that oil prices will average 15.5 dollars a barrel.

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Lloyd Mexico Economic Report May 2002

Most analysts agree that the nation currently enjoys a stable economy with steady flows of foreign direct investment, a buoyant stock market, a strong currency and its highest ever foreign currency reserves. Given this investor confidence and the upbeat economic outlook, why then did the Fox administration announce last month a 1.12 billion dollars cut in public spending? The main reason is because it is a prudent and cautious response to lower-than-expected oil-export revenues and tax collections at the start of the year. read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report December 2005

Table of Contents Budget surplus Cable and telephone firms to compete ... read more
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