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Mexico beach Christmas Wendy Devlin

The trailer was packed, the three kids and the dog were loaded into the van as final preparations were made for the "journey to the end of the earth". For us, Baja truly seemed land's end. Nobody we kn... read more

A Mexico Christmas story David Eppele

"Melley Klischma..." That's what I heard when I opened our back door that Christmas morning. A very young David L. Eppele was bleary-eyed from the yule lights, the tree and the presents. I was right i... read more

An introduction to "A Christmas kitchen in Mexico"

(En EspaƱol) By Mexico Connect's food staff: Karen, Camille, Anita, Ana, Jan (Big Mama) and David We warned you! (After reading through this Introduction, you will find the doorway to the Ch... read more
Showing 51—53 of 53 results
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