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Suspicious stranger visits a rural taco stand Allyn Hunt

The other day Deovijilda Lara, who owns a tacos al vapor stand in a nearby pueblo Mercado Municipal, was regaling me with tales of her family's Christmas last year. These mostly had to do with comicall... read more

My first Christmas in Mexico Maggie Van Ostrand

Everyone who relocates to Mexico sooner or later cooks a big holiday dinner for visiting family and friends. My first Christmas, everyone I ever knew, casually met, or went to high school with, showed ... read more

Did You Know? Mexico in the Guinness world records: part one Tony Burton

In the current edition of Guinness, the Mexican responsible for most records is Sergio Rodriguez Villarreal from the northern state of Nuevo León. He specializes in creating giant Christmas figures an... read more

Christmas shopping with the sliding US dollar Maggie Van Ostrand

This Christmas will really test a person's ability to stretch a dollar, especially a U.S. dollar, since we've been watching it shrink for quite awhile now. It certainly isn't necessary for big-mouth m... read more

Mexican holiday sweets: cookies, candy and more Karen Hursh Graber

December has been a celebratory month in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times, when the winter solstice, one of the two most important holidays of the year (the other being the spring solstice) was celebrat... read more

Las Posadas, 2001 Maggie Van Ostrand

"What is Christmas like in Mexico?" asked my friend, Edward. It didn’t take much encouragement for me to eagerly share this experience: Once upon a Christmas nighttime, in a tiny village on the shor... read more

Christmas angels - a highway story in Mexico Gerry Green

In this holiday season, I want to share an experience that truly demonstrates the spirit of Christmas. You wouldn't believe the inventiveness, perseverance, kindness and generosity of Mexicans when som... read more

Did You Know? - Nochebuena / Poinsettia Teresa Kendrick

Nochebuena, the Mexican name of the flower English-speakers call poinsettia, was discovered in Taxco and the valleys surrounding Cuernavaca. Known by the Aztecs in their native Nahuatl language as cuet... read more

Christmas Chicken Breasts with Squash Blossoms: Pechugas Navideñas Ana María Flores Sánchez

Huitlacoche is a black fungus which grows on corn. I personally choose to omit this ingredient as it has a distinct flavor which is just not appealing to me. It is, however, a favorite of some of my fr... read more

A Christmas tree in Mexico Phyllis Rauch

Finding just the right tree for Christmas in Mexico was a challenge from the start. My Austrian husband had grown up with a father who worked on decorations for their tree for weeks in advance of He... read more

Las Posadas: the nine days of Christmas Maggie Van Ostrand

Not that the commercialization of Christmas has totally taken over Mexico, but it seems that Santa and Rudolph might be slowly gaining over the Holy Family and the Three Kings. Once upon a time, there... read more

Feliz Navidad from Mexico City Karen Blue

In a winter devoid of snow and blistery winds, one has to work a little harder to bring the Christmas spirit to life. In the latter part of November, Ajijic holds its annual nine-day fiesta in celebra... read more

Jalapeña Christmas: A holiday in Xalapa Roy Dudley

The sights, sounds and smells of Christmas in Mexico are wondrous, and Xalapa is no exception. Sparkling lights, music, cohetes (fireworks) and hot chocolate mix together to fill your senses. Al... read more

Huellas ...debajo de la piñata Dale Hoyt Palfrey

The Christmas season in Mexico is a time filled with delightfully colorful customs, among which one of my personal favorites is the traditional piñata -breaking that highlights most holiday festi... read more

Our Mexico hotel in Melaque Wendy Devlin

One hour north of Manzanillo, Colima, the Primero Plus gave one final jolt in front of Melaque’s bus station. From air-conditioned comfort, we stepped down into the afternoon warmth. By arriving mid ... read more

December in Oaxaca Maria Diaz

In December in Oaxaca there's a fiesta almost every day, which makes this colonial city one of the most popular holiday destinations for both foreigners and Mexicans. We describe below the main ce... read more

Christmas holidays in Mexico: Festivals of light, love and peace Judy King

Chanukah Chanukah, one of the celebrations of light during the time of Winter Solstice begins at sunset on December 3 this year. Each evening, families light candles to remember the triumph of the Mac... read more

Las Posadas

Christmas posada © Dale Hoyt Palfrey, 1996 In Mexico, the Christmas holidays begin unofficially with the saint's day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. But can decorations appear anytime after the Day of t... read more

The bird is the word: Mexican pavo, guajolote, totole inthe oven Karen Hursh Graber

First of a Two-Part Holiday Turkey Feature   Once again, the time to talk turkey has arrived, and in Mexico this can inspire quite a bit of talk indeed. Over thirty words for the bird have been used... read more

Mexico's Christmas posadas, pastorelas and nacimientos Luis Dumois

Las Posadas are fiestas that begin on the 16th and end on the 24th of December. In Mexico, during this period, there are many Posadas every evening.

read more

Mexican tradition: Pidiendo Posada, the words to the song Dale Hoyt Palfrey

When reenacting Mary and Joseph's quest for shelter in Bethlehem, participants in the traditional Posada processions stop to sing a litany at several designated homes. The verses alternate one by one b... read more

Pidiendo Posada: The musical score Dale Hoyt Palfrey

When reenacting Mary and Joseph's quest for shelter in Bethlehem, participants in the traditional Posada processions stop to sing a litany at several designated homes. The verses alternate one by one between those seeking lodging outside and those responding from behind the door. read more
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